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Tuesday, 29 July 2008



Looks good! It's been a couple of weeks since I've had ramen so I'm seriously overdue.


I had wondered where the hard boiled egg was in my ramen when I tried Santouka. I guess I didn't look closely enough at the plastic models to see that it was a side item.

It would take something rarer than Halley's Comet for me to get my husband to have ramen, mostly because it's more expensive and smaller than pho.


Good food news always warms my heart. Awesome!


Hey Kirk! Aw, I miss going to Mitsuwa Marketplace for lunch! I work in the area, but I've had to stop because I'm about to have a baby ANY MINUTE NOW. Good thing I guess, because my ankles swell up to massive proportions everytime I eat ramen!

BTW, just saw the clip of San the Cooking Guy serving a heaping plate of STFU to Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show. Legendary!


Hi, Kirk!

It was great hanging out and slurping some noodles with you! I think the Shio Ramen is my favorite too. Somehow the richness of the broth comes through the best in that version.

I'm hoping that Daikokuya will make its way further south soon too.


was that an umeboshi on top of the ramen? very unusual if it was, but the rest of the ramen looked delicious.


Hi Kirk, I always thought what they served in SD was a tad quieter than at the store in Costa Mesa..
As for tonkotsu style ramen I prefer it richer but honestly it's all good to me, haha. Recently tried the seasonal Hiyashi Chuka cold noodles. It was ok and glad I tried it but I think I'll stick to their ramen. Cheers.


Hi Carol - It was much better than what I had on my first visit.

Hi Sandy - LOL! Your husband sounds just like the Missus!

Hi Jan - Good news, enough to warm Big-Hearted Jan!

Hi Dee - Oh my! Best wishes.....ramen can wait!

Hi Howie - I had a great time. I've been meaning to check out Daikokuya in Costa Mesa, but with gas prices the way the are! sigh....

Hi Kat - Yes, the umeboshi is sort of the trademark of Santouka's Shio Ramen.

Hi Dennis - Yes, it is....


LOL you guys are great. I don't share with my wife I just take it from her and do it quick! ;-)

Hey are you heading to the OC Fair anytime soon? I was there from 1pm-630pm Sunday and had a food marathon. Cheese on a stick, corn dog, large fresh potato chips, fried avocado, fried oreos, fried pop tarts, and a fried twinkie. And after the fair went and had K-BBQ.


Hi Billy - You little thief you! ;o) As for the OC Fair, because of the price of gas, we'll probably pass. Sounds like you had quite a massive amount of food!


Those noodles look really good, did they soften up over time? I can't imagine trying to eat ramen over here in Scottsdale (temps up at 110 today), can't wait to get back to cold foggy SF and hunt down something comparable, pant pant...


Hi FH - But it's a "dry heat" isn't it? ;o) Having spent a few months working in the PHX area, I can understand. The noodles never attained the classic Santouka texture that I enjoyed.

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