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Tuesday, 01 July 2008



Doesn't "lu" mean stove? So it makes sense to say Mama's Stove...


Howdy, Kirk! I need to visit the parental units. That intersection is quite the eating playground and I miss it greatly, esp. the reverse sticker shock. Looks like we have some new places to try on the next visit!


hey kirk! yay, somewhere new to try--that lamb dish looks so good. i have yet to try any xlb in the united states that i really like. i went to din tai fung, but i thought they were just okay.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i was drooling until i saw monterey park :(

Wandering Chopsticks

I miss Heavy Noodling too. :(

The little dishes are how the dim sum places serve xlb. I always think that means they didn't do a very good job of making the wrappers so they need the little dishes or else it'd fall apart.


What a foodie marathon you guys had the lamb sounds soooooo good.


I gotta get Satoshi to take me to two restaurants in one meal :) Wow!


wow, a delicious and epic feast! that definitely sounds worth the drive.


Aiyah Kirk, Northern Dumpling House?! It has been over a year since my last visit here! People in NYC would go crazy over these prices, hheheheh ^_^


Hi Liver - The Missus says your totally correct....she was tired of me asking so many questions....

Hi GF - There are a ton of new places in the area like QingDao Bread get those Parental Units Moowiesqrd away! ;o)

Hi Santos - Have you tried Giang Nan yet? We thought they had pretty good XLB. There are a couple of new places in the area...and it looks like parking may not be much of a problem any longer! The cumin lamb was cooked well, but lacked decent cumin flavor.

Hi Judy - I'm sorry.....

Hi WC - I've wracked my brains thinking of all the Dim Sum places where we had XLB...we've had them in various bowls, but never in little tins. Maybe I just avoid getting XLB at Dim Sum restaurants.

Hi Billy - The texture of the lamb was good....not enough cumin for my tastes.

Hi Kat - LOL! I'm sure you'll be able to persuade him.

Hi FH - It was a nice 2 restaurant shuffle....we actually could have gone for #3...but we didn't want to make total pigs of ourselves. ;o)

Hi Kathy - I almost went into cardiac arrest when I got my check. $5.40 for cumin lamb!!!! But just think, it used to be $4.95!

Pepsi Monster

Here's an update on these two places. I still like Mama Lu's. It's cheap and definitely filled you up. One of the most underrated place on Garvey Ave.

As in for the Northern Dumpling House. It's closed. I suspected it was closed in late fall as another restaurant called HengYang Chili King replaced that. I think it's Siuchuan restaurant and it definitely have a sign instead of the plain "restaurant" heading.

So, it's Northern Dumpling House no more.


Hi PM - Thanks for the update. I think we're hitting Kingburg this weekend, I've been waiting a while.

Pepsi Monster

Hey Kirk,

Oh cool! Have fun at Kingburg Kitchen. Watch up for the upsell because the items are cheap there. The $7 combo is worth it.

If you are still in a beef noodle soup mood after Kingburg, go check out Kam Hong Garden on Garvey Ave. They have a very good beef noodle soup also.

Have fun this weekend!

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