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Tuesday, 22 July 2008



dude: seriously, how Do you find these places? Awesome!


I guess if the feet were de-boned I may give it a go, but if they looked like


Kirk, you mean just mentioning chicken feet salad isn't convincing enough? I'd give it a go as long as I can eat all the shrimp chips.


I don't know about boneless chicken feet. I mean, half the fun of eating them is nibbling the "meat" off the bone! Especially while holding them up with chopsticks!


yeah I'm more of the shrimp chip lover... the wings sound goood, did you try the crocodile? I had gator once is it different I wonder...


I think you know about my foot fetish! Though I think I prefer them soft and steamed to crunchy. Hope to accompany you there on a future visit!


My love of chicken feet is because I just love-love-love 'sucking' the skin off of the bones. :D And of course, its taste.
Boneless chicken feet would never satisfy me. Nope.


For some reason ginger fish sauce is the best with chicken especially boiled chicken and every parts of it. Me, I prefer the skin falling of the feet type so dim sum is the way to go for me :-D


No crocodile? Come on Kirk!


*Another* cliffhanger episode? :-)

I'm not a chicken feet (foot?) fan myself, but I'd be curious to try it de-boned. Whoever de-boned it in the photo did a good job; I would have ended up shredding it.


Hi Chris - This was actually a revisit of a place we went to several times back in '05. So it's been around for a while.

Hi Kat - I dunno, the Chinese braised feet are still the best.

Hi Carol - The Missus isn't interested in eating Chicken Feet with no bone! ;o)

Hi Dee - The Missus agrees 100%.

Hi FH - I've had alligator twice, but I think I'll give it pass probably not very fresh.

Hi Candice - Sounds good....check out my future posts, and let me know when!

Hi Shirley - Yes, the Missus said the same thing!

Hi Billy - Ginger does add a nice kick to it.

Hi Penny - I know...what next? A whole week of wonderbread.

Hi Sandy - That chicken feet salad really got my attnetion when I first heard about it.

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