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Thursday, 24 July 2008



How funny I made bun rieu with all the fixen and of course with real crab meat. Yum!


Hey Billy - Sounds delici-yoso!!!


can't wait to see part 3 :)


what does SOP mean?

ed (from Yuma)

I've been looking forward to this post. That turmeric fish may not be the best you've had, but it is darn good. I agreee that there could be more bun with it, but I kept eating long after the noodles were gone.

Can't wait to see part #3


How exciting to be lip smacking the Missus especially when she's been eating fermented shrimp paste! I feel you pain too. My wife isn't so forgiving either ;-). Bun bo hue is on the menu this week. My first time cooking it so I hope I don't screw up all the bones and meat I bought. Want to be my guinea pig? :-D


Hi Kat - Sorry that I haven't had much time to do longer posts!

Hi CC - Just my way of saying Standard Operating Procedure....meaning same ol' same ol'....

Hi Ed - I'm glad that you did have a chance to try it.

Hi Billy - Yep, sometimes one chance is all they get!


oh that turmeric fish! I have the list of places you sent for SF and really need to hunt that down, sounds very delicious. The snails sounded really good, those shells look like they are a pretty good size, no? I like posts short or long, we appreciate them either way I think!


Wow I just keep being amazed by the variety in Vietnamese food. It seems like you keep introducing new dishes to us too!
I agree that the sucking of the chicken feet is what makes it fun .. but I think the de-boning procedure would also scare me. I would keep thinking ... who has been sucking out my chicken feet?


Hi FH - Thanks...the snails were very tender...much better than we expected!

Hi Rachel - Who's been sucking out my chicken feet? ;o) That in, and of itself is a scary question!!!


You had me at "snails braised in coconut milk"


Hi Elmo - They were quite good!


Hello Uncle!!! I just got back =) I'm glad you like Que Huong. Oc len looks so tempting. I'll go there for oc len soon.


Hi YY - Welcome back, we missed you!

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