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Tuesday, 15 July 2008



mmmmm i love this place. we always end up ordering and loving the chicken makhni. one thing i REALLY don't like is the amount of trash this place creates. all styofoam and plastic, too. they should buy a section of the miramar landfill just for themselves...

Jeff C

Kirk, talk about synchronicity. I just got a couple of books out from the library on Indian vegetarian cuisine. I used to think that Chinese vegetarian dishes were the height of this cuisine but I think I've been shown up. The Indian cuisine truly highlights the vegetables whereas a lot of the vegetarian cuisine that I've had has always tried to make it taste like mock chicken or fish or anything.
I was really impressed wtih all the different drinks that Indian cuisine have.
Take care


Woohoo! Thanks for the link, Kirk! Ironically, the guys at work went for lunch today and I turned it down. Not because I wanted to, but because I brought a huge lunch. Anyway, you both had quite a feast! I'll have to branch out more with the dishes.


I got my introduction to Indian food in Britain and I haven't yet found anything here that has fascinated me the same way that the food there did.

I've seen the same mentions of Punjabi Tandoor come up on chowhound, so thanks for the report and photos. It doesn't seem like it will give me the fix I'm looking for (although the Kadai Bakra looked pretty good).


Oh yes! Indian food is about to bust out to be the next big thing. It is awesome! If you have not yet been to Surati Farsan- drop what you are doing and go now! (well, they are closed now, so wait until tomorrow). This is now on my to do list.
unrelated: Kirk have you had a quesotaco? It is like a taco made by placing cheese directly on a griddle, and it crisps up forming a shell, which is then folded over the fillings- I think you would like this. There is no tortilla. Can be found at La Ermita in Tijuana.


Chris -
Actually, the Queso taco i had at Tacos Salceados last week did come with either corn or flour tortilla.
What did you think of La Ermita? Out of control tacos, no?!? Center of the taco universe

Kirk -
Great write up on PT - reminds me gotta get some indian - long overdue


I can understand why the first naan was so bitter, it looks almost black!


Alex: Yeah, that is it. And they serve like baked potatoes done a special way also. Nice photo, too bad your link on your name does not work for me. I would like to see what you wrote about it.




Yay, I'm glad you and the Dudette went to try it (I think it was my first comment on your site in your review of Tandoor in MV). We use Punjabi Tandoor to cater some of our events, and one of my favorites is the Seekh Kebab (I think) -- flaming minced lamb meatballs that will activate every single taste bud on the tongue.


We also don't know that much about Indian food, and usually go to Ashoka the Great for the lunch buffet. It's time to branch out!

While in London last year, we had a couple of meals at Indian restaurants. The food was tasty and not too expensive (by London standards).

ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. The goat dish and the onion bhaji look especially nice.


Looks like a nice quick lunch spot. I think I'll be ordering the goat and eggplant soon.


would anyone have a recipe for malai kofta or tricks to making it. not turning out as it should


Geesh I thought I knew a thing or two about Indian food since I had it but your in depth review on almost everything on the menu has really enlighten me to try other stuff beside the famous chicken dish and then again I'm more of a Persian food fan than Indian.


LOL kirk, good to see that some of the missus' mandarin is rubbing off on you. I haven't heard that phrase in a looong time :)
I love Indian cuisine, epsecially South indian cuisine like the biriyanis and sambol and dosais. The cuisine you have had is more north indian. IF possible do try to experience some south indian/ sri lankan stuff. Let me know what you think.


The best Indian food I have had! All the curries are delicious. You cannot go wrong.


mmm, I almost went to Indian for lunch today, now I have an outright craving... it's funny but I always crave plain old dal with some naan bread.


Hi Dave - Yes, they do generate a huge amount of Styrofoam.

Hi Jeffrey - Yes, Indian vegetarian dishes are not bland, that's for sure.

Hi GF - They sure to have a large selection.

Hi Mike - I dunno, we liked some of the dishes quite a bit.

Hi Chris - I've been to Surati Farsan several times, love the Dosas...some of the other dishes seem to be either too sweet, or just plain spicy for my taste.

Hi Alex - Thanks, you need to head on over for your fix!

Hi Liver - Yes, that's know, I need to keep better track of all the recommendations I get.

Hi Sandy - This place is without a doubt worth a try.

Hi Ed - That Kadai Bakhra is money....I saw a photo of a Kadai, it looks like a wok, so it's just natural that I'd love this dish.

Hi Howie - Definitely worth a visit!

Hi David - I hope someone can help you.....

Hi Billy - Indian cuisine has amazing depth and breath....much of it regionalized.

Hi Rachel - Just don't ask me to say diction makes the Missus cringe!

Hi Forcefulcheese - Many of the dishes here are very good.

Hi FH - I agree nice smoky dal with some well made naan....good stuff!


I'd also reccomend trying the bhatura next time, instead of the naan. Its a deep fried dough that is typically eaten with channa (channa bhatura) but is delici-oso with all other indian foods. Of the Indian places in town (other than my kitchen) this place has tasty indian food!

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