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Wednesday, 02 July 2008



That places look so clean too bad the food isn't up to par. Salty pho is ok as long as they provide you with all the greens and if you use it all it would balance out the pho.
I tend to make my pho on the tad bit salty side since adding, raw meat, sprouts, basil and other assorted green the broth is balanced out.


You were close - this location of Ca Dao used to be a Coco's.

Was the photo with the computer and the URL on the wall taken awhile ago? We were at this restaurant a few weeks ago, and I seem to recall that there were now booths against that wall.

This place can be pretty busy on weekends during lunch, but the wait for a table usually isn't too long. After all, their motto is something like "Real pho - real fast."


the hottest item I will eat during the summer would have to be curry--nothing with soup. all your choices look nice though.


I was there for lunch for the first time on Tuesday with a couple of coworkers. We also commented on how friendly the staff was. :) I had the Bun with Cha Gio and shrimp (both good) but the Nuoc Mam Cham did taste a little watered down. My coworkers had pho with rare steak and they both commented that the broth lacked depth but the meat was good. Overall we enjoyed the meal.


Nice review. We hit up this place a couple times a year because it is close. And I do appreciate the service. We have a tradition of loading up here before hitting the carnival that comes to Mira Mesa High next door a couple times a year. Dang, my pho meter is on E. Gotta fill up!


I live right down the street from there and I havent gone back since my one bad experience. Pho Hoa Cali is the place to be in Mira Mesa


Ahhhh....thanks for the idea! I just got back from loading up at Viet Cali in West Mira Mesa (mall where the new Freash and Easy is being built).


Hi Kirk,

Yeah, I had the same take on Pho Ca Dao; nice folks, thin soup, not my favorite.

Of course, this will probably be the one that hits, franchising in 18 states and establishing the gringo standard for pho. Pity.



No having to know what to order before your butt hits the Naugahyde here.

Heh, that was so not my experience the last time I went to the Mira Mesa location. Sat down, received menu, was given maybe 15 seconds to look at it, asked for more time, guy came back in about 30 seconds.


Dude I remember someone crashed a car when this was Coco's lol


Hi Billy - You like salty Pho - you'll love the Pho in Hanoi...

Hi Sandy - This was about 6 weeks ago. Coco's.....I knew it had that "look".

Hi Kat - Curry is pretty hot stuff!

Hi Carol - Nice folks, food, well....

Hi Jan - Lot's of choices with regards to Pho in the area.

Hi Judy - Pho Hoa Cali, eh? I haven't been there in a while, but I really wasn't impressed with the very middle of the road broth.(i.e. - very bland....)

Hi Omar - Yes, nice folks here...

Hi SK - Too bad. We watched in amazement...apparently several of the other folks who commented also enjoyed the service.

Hi Eric - The way people drive on Mira Mesa, I can't say I'm surprised.


Too bad the foods gone down hill...this used to be my very favorite Pho place. I prefered it to Pho Hoa Cali just up the street a ways.

They are very clean and the servers are very nice.

I think they have the best Vietnamese Iced Coffee!


Hi Bri - We just found the food to be a bit over salted or watered down.


wow, it does look like marie callendars! mmm, nothing like some good tendon...


Hi FH - Yes, I love good tendon!


My wife and I eat here a couple times a week. It is great food and even better service.


Hi Forcefulcheese - I'm not sold on the food...but the service we received was very good.


hi, everybody,
Pho Ca Dao is one of the best Vietnamese restaurant in San Diego and California also, I really recommend soup#1 and a plate of rice with pork chop.i'm been there 3 times a week, oh my gosh,food here so good, staffs are very friendy,they always fill up my water after 30 sec,i saw a guy ,he's very nice, always smile and care customers .They have a more Pho Ca Dao at rancho bernardo

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