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Sunday, 20 July 2008



So were the hash browns in the style of Sysco? Better than Perry's?


ahahah! I love the 'oil' comment Kirk, sounds like something my PoPo would have said.


oh man, i have been looking for a good greasy spoon breakfast place like this. i'm going this week!


ditto to the oil comment. And heck a group of college kids even drove a car coast-to-coast on restaurant oil, didn't they.


isn't oily so delicious though?


Hi liver - It is sysco-fied goodness. I'd say that Perry's and Lucky's are about neck-and-neck, at least the hashbrowns I had. It is much thinner, so was a bit more crispy. It was made to order...I don't know how the guy does it.

Hi Penny - I laughed out loud when he said that! ;o)

Hi Dave - You might want to tell me about the cast of characters you meet.....also, did you manage to find the sichuan peppercorns?

Hi RONW - No oil, no run.....

Hi Kat - Good oil content, without being greasy! Few things better.....


sounds like an awesome find,I'd love to end breakfast with fortune cookies!

jeffrey c

Kirk, this place reminds me of the Palm Cafe in Barstow. Cafeteria bus restaurant joint that had American/Chinese food. We used to come in and eat there when I was little. American breakfasts and American style chinese food. I bet you if you could get Lucky talking, you'd hear some fascinating stories.


Kirk, you are a lot braver than I am! I don't think I would have given this place a second look.

The decor reminds me of a friend's family American-Chinese cafe/diner from waaay back. The prices are (almost) just as vintage!


Oh my gosh, you found Lucky's! I love this place, and every time I go he just gives me my "usual" without even having to ask. (except that he never remembers I don't want jam.)

Also the other people that go are always having hilarious conversations about politics and popular culture and so on, from the 70+ year old perspective. It is awesome.

Sad news in another area, the Pasteur Cafe in El Cajon seems to have closed--I saw an eviction notice on the window the other day! It wasn't the best restaurant in the world, but it was my only Asian lunch option in walking distance and I will miss it. RIP Pasteur Cafe. :(


lol! Down the rabbit hole on the Porkchop Express! Are you sure his real name wasn't Egg Shen? I'm surprised he didn't whip out some magic potion or asked you if you've paid your dues. Okay, enough of movie quotes (Obviously one of my favorites.) :-D


This is a really great place and Lucky is the coolest guy! Wish I got up earlier on the weekends I would visit more often.. Great review Kirk!


Kirk, thanks for the post. I have seen that place for years, but never saw anybody in it. I was just there at the wrong time of day. I've always wondered what it was like.
The comments from the owner are great!


Hi FH - Charming isn't it?

Hi Jeffrey - If I could, I'd go there quite often. It would be fun listening to all the "old-timers"....

Hi Sandy - It's not so scary, and I'm not particularly brave....I was just fascinated.

Hi Jenne - Humph, holding out on me were you? ;o) Lucky's is such a colorful place. So Pastuer Cafe has closed even before I've had a chance to check it out? That was really quick.

Hey Carol - "Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?" It wasn't too bad at Lucky's since "I was born ready"....oh my, pretty soon i'll be sprouting lines from Buckaroo Banzai! "Out of my way Monkey Boy!"

Hi Dennis - Thanks...we really don't do reviews, we just kinda eat our way through San Diego! But Lucky's was fun!

Hi Stephen - Thank you for visiting and taking the time out to comment! Maybe you'll give Lucky's a try for a nice simpe old school breakfast, with lots of character one day.....


The food looks delicious! The place seems nice and simple.

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