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Monday, 07 July 2008



You missed out! Next time you go there, try the gyoza bowl (#13, i think) extra spicy! Best dish on Convoy :)


That was a very interesting collaborative blogging.


Hey it's "two posts - two posts" in one! Who could ask for more.

Christina C

I'm so glad you did a review on the Tofu House. It's one of my main go to restaurants. It fills many criteria, easy, cheap, and yummy. I am a creature of habit though and have got the same thing everytime for the past 5 years. Number 26, Miso Tofu Soup. Just like my mom makes. YUMMMMM!


I like to get to this restaurant early so there's no wait for a table and it's easier to park. Any later in the day, and you're better off to park on the street.

A friend says the brown rice has azuki beans, which accounts for the purple color.

Are you sure that "Balboa" is part of the restaurant name? The business card that I have just says "Tofu House." Usually, I describe it as next to O'Briens to differentiate it from Convoy Tofu House.

Thanks for the double review!


According to their website, the name is "Tofu House."

I loved the post and the dialog. And the food looked pretty good too. Friends keep trying to get me to go to Tofu House but I've yet to try it.

ed (from Yuma)

I appreciate the nice comments. I have always loved this place, but for some reason, it had been a couple of years (at least) since I had been there.

The mistake with the name is my bad. That was the restaurant's original name, back when it was about my favorite place anywhere, but then they opened a branch elsewhere and dropped Balboa (which never made much sense anyway as the place is on Convoy).

Thanks also to those of you who suggested other dishes - it is easy to fall into a rut, so it is nice to have other things to try.


I always thought it was called Balboa Tofu House, too;I guess a holdover from the old General Dynamics days. All of the broths use the same miso base, which it just a matter of what you want as an add-in; they give you a menu for comfort instead of the "Pick one from column A, column B and column C" format. Didn't word it that way, but that is how it is. Anyhow, I never had anything I didn't like from here. Good suggestions and compliments. Thanks.(oh- and welcome Christina C!)


I love Tofu House too. I think I tend not to go there that often anymore because it's so crowded, and seems even more so because of the Yogurt World crowds. But the spicy broth is deeply satisfying.


cathy and ed: what a great review! loved the tandem commentaries! you should do that more often! :)

btw cathy, i posted my fave food pix on my blog. yeah, but it was15, i couldn't just pick 10 - so difficult but fun choosing. i also had nem khao from asia cafe in mine.


Haven't eaten there in a while, but I love that place. Not to mention being next to best beer bar in San Diego.

Love the Hot Stone dishes. And the pickles there are great -- I always finish them and I don't like them at most Korean restaurants.


the running dialogue is entertaining.


I usually park on the side street, a block over (by Car Max)a nice walk. Sometimes I *need* the spicy soup broth, especially when I feel a cold coming on. When we have a chance, ed and I will try this creative writing exercise again. You know Kirk and I did a double post once...


I love Tofu House. I always get the meat party dish, and the coworkers always end up copying me and then joking about how weird it sounds to order a 'meat party' lol.

Before this place was Tofu House it used to be called Hippo's Curry Kitchen (I think it closed in 98/99) which had some of the best damn Japanese curry, if not the best, in San Diego.


Thank You Bryan! and welcome...Hippo's, of course...the nice lady who owned it. Great curry. Yes! It is like the synapses just joined in my brain!


oof, that meal sounds great, but now I want to know about the gyoza bowl...


Tofu House isn't the best place to get soon tofu, but hey, I guess it's pretty decent for San Diego. If you want to "road trip" to the OC like you did for Inka Mama's, I suggest you try Garden Grove or -- even better -- LA for some real Korean food. BCD is a great place to start :)


I have to say, I've always LOVED Tofu House!!

Funny, but I think that's the emptiest I've EVER seen the parking lot.

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