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Wednesday, 30 July 2008


[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Sugar cane stalks? Wow!

I like the looks of those banh mi: they're loaded with pickled vegetables. Here, they can be a bit stingy with pickled vegetables.


Everytime you do a piece on Banh Mi, I have to get some on the way home. LOoks like a decent amount of "pickles".


is it the same company as the ba-le in hawaii? looks delicious!


Buy 2 get 1 free? I'm there! I must try Cafe Dore soon too. What's this I here about a breakfast Banh Mi?? OMG that a must try!


Did you at least take down the license plate and leave a message for the "victim" I would and I hope if something like that ever happen to me someone who witness it would report it too.


Atleast the sandwich has a slice of cucumber I don't think any shop in OC does it anymore I guess they just nickel and dime-ing us now.


I can't tell if there is jalapeno in any of your sandwiches. I usually take them out of my banh mi anyway.

For me, it's another story with pho and jalapenos; I usually add it to my broth for flavor, then fish it out. But at Pho Ca Dao earlier this week, they weren't serving jalapenos, and posted a sign to apologize for the lack due the latest salmonella scare.


Just got back from Ba Le and it was just as described. The Banh Mi were good and "mild". Had the #1 #3 and the bbq pork. The thing that got me was all the durian EVERYWHERE.


As a side note, my banh mi came with both cucumbers and jalepenos.


I live in North County (Vista) and have ordered BBQ Pork Banh Mi at several places. The best, most flavorful at Pho Lucky in Vista, and the longest (about the length of your forearm) at Royal Pho in Vista.

I ordered a BBQ Pork Banh Mi at Pho Hong Cali in Escondido and it had a weird, green jelly slathered on the roll. It tasted like green apple and looked and tasted odd. Do you know what this is, or if this green jelly is common? Their broth and veggie prep on other dishes is awesome, but the green jelly turned me off to ordering sandwiches here.

Thanks for your awesome pics, recipes, and restaurant commentary.



whoa they put margarine into bahn mis?

I thougt only sweet mayo...

Margarine isn't healthy cuz it's trans fat.

Passionate Eater

An old lady hit you w/an SUV? Tell me that you, the boyz, and the Missus are okay! Insurance issues can be a pain, just remember to get witnesses and start calling up her insurance co. ASAP. I hope you all are doing well, and that she didn't cause too much damage to your car.


Hi JS - They do give a good amount of pickles.

Hi Denny - It's a bit too mild for me, but I'll settle for it in a pinch. BTW, do you mean Jackfruit or Durian...they had some huge Jackfruit.

Hi Kat - No, sorry...BaLe is a franchise, and there are 2 different ownership groups in SD.

Hi Denny - It's called Banh Mi Trung - Egg Banh Mi. Some places will put Cha Lua in as well. Some places will add Maggi, which gives it a nice flavor. Banh Mi, it's what's for breakfast.

Hi Alice - Green jelly? Hmmm...I've got to check it out! Thanks for the lead.

Hi Asador - In VN, they put either "tub butter"(I think it's margarine) or mayo on the Banh Mi. It's the same here...if you look closely at the Xiu Mai photo you'll see the smear of yellow on the bread. BaLe on Linda Vista, and Mira Mesa both put margarine(could be Sysco liquid butter) on the bread.

Hi Billy - I didn't need to, one of the ladies shopping knew the owner of the SUV that was hit....apparently that person was shopping somewhere else....No cucumber in Banh Mi....come to think of it, I think some places here aren't putting those in the Banh Mi anymore either.

Hi PE - Don't worry, we weren't the one's hit....I just witnessed a lady backing into a parked car.

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