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Wednesday, 25 June 2008



i actually remember that last picture....what the post was about i don't remember, but i remember the chex mix from somewhere haha funny that there's marshmallows on it too


Hey, I recognized many of those photos! Like Sawyer, I don't remember the text but sure remember the pictures! I know why there's only 9 pics, the 10th is of a loco moco you ate and you're holding out for the trifecta!

I understand what you mean about the therapeutic effects of blogging. It was Kirk, Ed and you that inspired me. How else am I going to rant about things and avoid seeing all the eye rolls? (hehe)


Hi Cathy, thanks for the post. Great pictures.
I don't recognize all the dishes, but they look great. The last one with the chex mix and marshmallows is different, to say the least. I don't know how I would have reacted to that.


I love that so much food is being documented on the web! Especially dishes like that chex mix marshmallow bulgogi. I like the laconic literalness girl!


Hi Sawyer. Good memory. It was a place north of San Diego(as everything is...). I think I will see if it is still there the next time I am driving that way. Just because...
Hi flattering, we inspired you...I will let you think I have a loco moco photo I am proud of...
Hey, Stephen! I am sure you can recognize (in no particular order)the phophoto, a rare roast beef sandwich, gyros, bottom of a bowl of miso, Chirashi, lox on a brioche with salad, stir fry leftovers at home...and the pork loin roast stuffed with fresh garlic and prunes-our Christmas dinner tradition. The camera was absolutely the only thing that could help in the description of the bowl placed in front of me. I think my mouth hung open. It was surreal.


Hi, FH! Laconic Literalness Girl... my new Hotmail address... Thanks.

jeff c

Cathy, I think the last pic takes the cake. Who would know that cheezits and pretzels are an acceptable crouton substitute? Well now we know! I think the person who thought this up should be known as a person that pushes the boundaries... a trailblazer...someone who forgot to go to the market last night.


LoL last picture is awesome. I need to find a place like this.


I like your posts and pictures. You missed my 2 favorites: Oishii in Santee and the San Diego Beer company. Just a note: I have seen interesting things used as "croutons" to add crunch and interest to salads from really respectable places: most namely popcorn and corn nuts. The last one is hardcore, points for creativity, but minus one point for marshmallows. (sweet/salty pairing maybe?) I'd like to hear the chef's story behind it..


Exactly, Jeff! Gotta put something on top of this plain area of just rice...what have we got around here...
It is closer to you than me, Bill (In Ontario)
Actually, Chris, the first photo of miso is from Oishii-just wasn't used in the post(as were none of the other photographs except the last one). Bulgogi doesn't need croutons... Rice is fine. Not even limes. No. Wrong. I didn't think the SDBC photos were worthy...

J Ohta

Hi Cathy,
Enjoyed looking at your pictures. You have a good eye for composition - especially the miso soup.


Come to think of it, I do like to sprinkle furikake on my rice- that salty/savory sprinkle stuff. Maybe, this was a play on that? Its a strech but i'm trying to rationalize it. (the pretzle/cheese it mix)
BTW: where did "meme" come from? Is that used often in blogs? My understanding is that it is a thought pattern that is passed on- like a cultural idea. I could be wrong.


Thank you, J. That one was kind of my 'creative' photo. I am trying to do more like that...close ups of something that should be familiar.
OK Chris. It still is bulgogi. On rice. Get over it. They somehow thought this was a creative presentation. I can't imagine melding the flavors together..esp lime with anything but the veggies. Wiki defines meme as something (pattern) passing on the idea of ten favorite food photos on some cultural phenomenon like this open diary of foods we eat is I guess in keeping within the confines of that definition. I guess. Whatever. I like the pictures. Good food.


This means I have been tagged. It also means I should start thinking about taking pictures more. Cheers!


You're It, Chris-OMG- is that a snake head? ewwww.

ed (from Yuma)

Great stuff. That first pic is so classic. Thanks for the description of the pork roast. I never would have figured it out.


Hi, ed! I only put the description in the comments section...nobody asked about it. I wonder what people look at it think...It is very tasty. Never bought one of those marinated pork loins in my life.

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