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Thursday, 05 June 2008



I always read wonderful reviews of Mariscos German but have yet to make the trek down to try it. Okay, I've moved this up to the list (all the locations) and the next time I'm near one, I'm going!


omg i love that truck. i have been hard pressed to branch out from my favorite marlin tacos, althought i did try the gobernador last time. it was just as good as the marlin! everytime i am there at least one person is eating a ceviche tostada. one of these days i will try it.


So was it mmm-yoso dance worthy? Heaven knows I'm doing my own dance right now just reading this post!


The excuses just to break your rules ;-) I just follow my nose to settle my stomach. I've never seen a taco so decked out with unnecessary vegetable other than cabbage especially with seafood.

ed (from yuma)

Carol, dave, jan, - these were pretty good tacos, but maybe not quite danceworthy. Of course, I've never been much of a dancer in public (well, OK, in private also). I would go back, definitely. I just wish I had tried something very different.

nhbilly - I know some folks don't like all the veggies, but I thought they were fine. The crunch is nice and they complexify the flavors. Would I want those on a deep-fried taco de pescado estilo Ensenada? No way, but they did not seem out of place here. I do wish I had tried something more different.


yeah sometimes you have to break the rules. contrastive crunch is very good too! and for 3.75 each they'd better be big tacos. sounds like an excellent meal.


I'm glad to hear all the other greens enhance the flavor and not take away from it otherwise I feel it defeats the purpose of seafood and I agree with you 101% there better be nothing on my fish tacos other than the sauce and cabbage and for carne asada tacos just onions and cilatro will do please. :-D I guess the simplicity is the way to my stomach :-D


mmm MMM mmm...I just completed a 3 week tour of the M.G. I kind of like the restaurant on 28th. The trucks are good though. I do agree with the vegetation being a bit much on some of the tacos. I reccomend pescado ala plancha, scallops al ajo, shrimp Americano style (batter fried shrimp).

Mexicano or governador style comes with all the bell peppers and celery and stuff, although I think it fits well with the marlin. Octopus tacos are good but try this in the cocktail is better IMHO. I also agree that these are more knife and fork tacos than pick up.

Captain Jack

Nice write up Ed. Does MG smoke the Marlin themselves, and if so do you have any details?

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, foodhoe, $3.75 for a taco seems like a lot, but in this case, it represents good value. After I polished off the three tacos, I went and grabbed a couple beers nearby and thought about going and getting another taco, but I was too stuffed. I consider a dinner for just a little over $11 a good deal.

Thanks for the info Chris. If I had really planned to go to MG, I would have reread the comments at Chowhound and been better informed.

I have no idea about the source for the marlin, CJ, but they may well smoke it themselves, considering that they have 4 locations.


Peter and I just tried the smoked blue marlin taco. Thank you so much for the tip...the food was delicious. I love smoked fish. The last time I had it was in a bagel in eating it in a taco was really a great find.


Finally got to try this taco truck. Holy! It's the best mexican food I' ve ever had.


Kirk- I just saw the Mariscos German truck in the Appletree Food Market in OB yesterday. My dry cleaner said they have been parked there regularly. I though it might have been just for the Wednesday Farmer's Market. Must try it since it is in my 'hood


Hi Yoli - That's interesting... perhaps that's where they've moved. Recently, I've been hitting the German truck on Imperial. Thanks so much for the heads up!

B. Leaf

The Mariscos German truck has moved to OB. Get on out there, spend a few bucks, and keep them in town. They are there until 7 pm every day. The food is great, the portions are huge, and standing around in OB chatting it up with your neighbors is the best!!


Kirk, I do not see a review of the one that the HuffPo wrote about in 2014. What are your thoughts?


I actually went there; but maybe it was on a crawl with some friends and I didn't do a post, RCLC. It was pretty least at that time. Tell you what; lemme head down that way tomorrow and take a look at what's at that corner now.

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