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Monday, 09 June 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Great post. Fascinating stuff. I've wondered who judges and how things are judged.

Those judges must look forward to tasting the non-sweet preserves. Do you think sugar burn out may lead judges to rate things like preserved eggs or thai dipping sauce more highly?


Can't wait for the food reviews and pictures!!!


Nice photos. Looking forward to more pictures of the event... and the food review of course!


There is sugar burn out factor, ed, but also the judges take into consideration the difficulty in preserving certain foods properly. Sugar based items are fairly straightforward and difficult to screw up (as well as contaminate) whereas vinegar'd and tomato based products need proper timing and pressure to preserve - keep flavors and crispiness intact. A few years ago I know the judges were torn between zucchini pickles and saurkraut for Best of Show and they looked at the dates of preserving. The kraut was done in October of the prior year and was still crispy, not salty or over-vinegary, had a fresh flavor whereas the pickles had been done in February of the year being judged and were a little less than crisp and the spices used were already starting to muddle (albeit slightly) in the flavor aspect. The judges ended up choosing the kraut.
I'm not going to the Fair on opening weekend, Bill- the US Open is nearby and traffic is supposed to be a nightmare..but will post as soon as The Mister and I do go.
Thanks, Eileen. I will also show how the final Preserved Food display is shown to the public, as well as doing a little report on all those things I will eat in the name of blogging (ha!)


I loved reading that post! I confess that I used to make jams and relishes for the Yolo County Fair. I won a few ribbons on my first try, and became obsessed with it. I sure wanted the ribbons and would make all kinds of things, even if I didn't like them. I loathed my Chow Chow, but won a blue ribbon for it. It was very competitive. But, the whole experience was also lots of fun--and those judges are very good.


Sweet! I can't wait. The fair is always one of our year's highlights. I might give deep fried avocadoes a try this year. ;)


Hey, Sher- it is an art to be able to make preserved foods properly. Very cool to know you have done it. Your chow chow must have been good. The judges don't even have to award a ribbon if nothing is up to standards.
Hi Janfrederick- I just didn't crave the fried avocados when I was there last year. I hope the 'new' Fair food is interesting - like the rattlesnake was last year.


Can't wait for part 2. I just went to the fair the other day, and couldn't resist the deep fried White Castle.


I will be going this week, Brian. The deep fried White Castle is on my list-I grew up eating them in Detroit you know. Welcome to the blog.

From Australia

Battered Potato? We don't have battered potatoes!

Okay I and chip shops will give you a "Potato Scallop" (a slice of battered potato) but they are mighty boring and really rather useless.


Hi FA, welcome to our blog! Oh good-those potatoes are not a native food. Sometimes you never know. I guess the name is just a sales gimmick. I will eat a few of the potatoes but always share a basket-a small craving, easily filled, for me. We'll see what the Fair offers this year-It opens June 12.

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