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Friday, 27 June 2008



Ah, the fair. Thanks Cathy for the post. Looking at the food, I think my cholesterol just went into outer space. LOL. I sure hope that Chicken Charlie's place uses different oil for frying the chicken, twinkies and frog legs.
Great photos. =]


Deep fried white castle cheeseburger? Never tried it that way. But I like white castle cheeseburger and I like deep fried food. Gotta try that if I get a chance. Yum!


Wholly molly forgetabout the other stuff and munch your way thru the park and indulge till you belt burst at least you guys walked it off ;-).
I can't wait to drop by the OC fairgrounds for some feasting. Oh yeah anything fried is gooooooood till the last drop.


simply too many things to comment on. Suffice it to say that I'd be reluctant to board the bus back to the parking area.


Hey, Stephen- They seem to use diffierent oils and batters for each item. Their kitchen seemes to be one of the the largest food concessions not on the Midway. Also pretty much the all fried food concession.
Eileen- you can get in for less free if you enter one of the one day cotests listed in the Competition Handbook at the Public Library. Along with the free parking, it makes the rest of the money you will spend that day a bit less.
Oh, Bill...the heart of the Fair is Home and Hobby, Student Showcase and Kid's Best. Food is seconday (ahahahah!)
If you can get to the bus, in the heat of the day, and get up the stairs of the Double Decker, all things should be 'safe', Ron. :)

ed (from Yuma)

OMG. I gotta get to the gym. I musta gained 5 pounds just reading this post.

Great stuff!


Hey Cathy - I like how you gave each food item a grade.


Hi, ed- and that wasn't half the stuff we could have gotten! But I had to do it, for the Blog, you know...:)
You like that, Kirk? Thought it more concise. I did not get a Koolickle- a strawberry flavor Kool Aid marinated pickle- I knew what that grade would be- and I used the $3 to buy Lotto tickets instead.


We just went yesterday. We should have taken your advice and stuck with deep fried spam. But we just had to try the deep fried white castles. Ours were VERY greasy and you couldn't really taste the white castle. It was lost in the batter somewhere. The fries were good though.

We did try the spam later. Yum! I always buy the reduced sodium version, so I'd forgotten just how salty the real stuff is. Good though. Need to see my cardiologist now.


I'm so glad you tried the fried Spam (I was hoping you would). Hmm, I think I'll take my White Castles without the fry part (they were on sale at Albertson's last week, hehe). Thanks for the post, I always like to enjoy the Fair vicariously through you! :o)


Hi, JF- I was thinking since we were probably the first people to order it that day, that was the reason. The fries must be made in a different oil. I suppose having different oils and batters is good. Now, three words: Spam with Bacon (sold at Marukai) pfft on low sodium Spam.
Hi Carol- I grew up with White Castles and never liked the ones with cheese. That was part of it, but the batter did not add anything to it. (Whereas I think the batter added something to the Spam and to the deep fried Twinkie I had a few years ago). I've always loved County Fairs. They are America. Even with the business aspect in place...


wow, that looks like a fantastic day of feasting! I have never heard of a battered and fried burger - holy cow! and neither have I seen corn battered spam. Wow, I really must keep my eyes open for such delicacies at the local county fair.


Oh, yes, FH- The California County Fairs start in San Diego and move north, culminating in Sacramento in October. Almost all of the food vendors follow the route-it is their income for the year- so most of these fine delicacies can be enjoyed by you. Go to your local library and see if there is a competiton handbook of some sort and it should give you dates and website information about ways to get into your fair for less (so you can spend more on goodies).

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