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Sunday, 08 June 2008



OMGosh, i went and read the sam woo killer whale post...and i am laughing so hard right now. this is a great story! thank you for the laugh -- LOVE IT!

spamkatsu curry, huh? i'm sure hubby would love it -- i'll have to try that one out one day.


WWHAAATT! Bale was my favorite Bahn mi place!. Will have to find another. BOOO! This post sounds almost like you are retiring. Hope not. I liked the Vietnamese posts the most- from OC visits, to Bahn mi comparison, to restuarants and of course, Trip there. I could practically taste the photos with the ngo am. The trip to Peru, of course. Those hole in the wall places, Like Asia Cafe, and Sang dao that I would have never visited otherwise. The visit to Catalina...I mean, the "place with the blue door"..and Eds post on Vampire tacos and Asmara, and (your) missus's review also.


bale, i just had me a nice trip down memory lane...a friend took me there a couple years ago for lunch, i'd never been to a viet sandwich shop before...i remmeber getting a durian smoothie as well, and man, that was one spicy smoothie. i had had durian only once before, as a fruit when i was a kid in sf, my dad bought some in china town, and i remember walking into the hotel room, and smelling it...and my dad laughing, as he called it king of the fruits. ur posts are great, and mrs. yoso is a very good and entertaining writer as well!


too bad about the sandwich place, hope it re-opens somewhere close by soon! great top 8 posts!


That's a nice retrospective. I forgot that the Missus wrote a post before. And that Shamu/Sam Woo story is a great one :-)


*the Beijing Olympics takes place on 8/08/08.


wow! you use to hang at 8fat fat 8? do you remember the chicken and the chop steak?


Hi Farah - I'm glad to be able to provide some humor!

Hi Chris - Unless you know something I don't....there are not "retirement plans" in my future. It says Bale is moving...but to where?

Hi Sawyer - mmmmm Durian! Good stuff....there'll be a little Durian story coming up.

Hi Kat - I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Hi Howie - Yep, her one and only post.

Hi RONW - I guess we'll see how their luck holds out.

Hi J - From the day they opened('85 if I recall)to the day I left the islands. And yes, 8 Fat Chicken, I remember it well. RIP Sy!


Thanks for the kind words, Kirk - glad you are enjoying reading about the trip.

Great 8-post retrospective - it seems like the Missus is overdue for her next post...

ed (from Yuma)

Your list is great. Most of them are posts I remember well. Your choice of #1 and #2 is great. Thanks for keeping a lot of us entertained (and informed!)


jeez, I just got sucked in for a good half hour reading this most interesting post and related links to more great posts!


The Missus' post is one of my favorite. I think it's time for her to do another one. Maybe one on your next trip?


Hi Mike - I'm really enjoying reading about your road trip!

Hi Ed - We can never forget "Sam Woo the Killer Whale" can we?

Hi FH - I'm glad you enjoyed those posts.

Hi Carol - I keep telling Her, "anytime you're ready for another one, let me know..."


The original Ba Le location, 4879 University Ave., should still be open. They've been there since the mid-1980's.


Hi Toisan - Yes, it is, a post is forthcoming. They are not affiliated with the other Bale locations though.


Weird. We were just looking for the new Bale location as well on Sunday. We drove all the way down to USD because my friend couldn't remember the address that Bale supposedly moved to, and then drove back up and past Genessee on Linda Vista on the off chance we might just stumble across it. We ended up settling for sandwiches at K Sandwiches, which was pretty good. Different kind of bread, but the meatball sandwich was quite tasty (even a day later). Definitely post on Bale again if it pops up. My friend was willing to bike 17 miles up and down hills on Genessee to get a Bale sandwich.


Hi Chris - According to the sign, the new location should be where Dai Tan Market is. I'll do a post when Bale surfaces.

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