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Sunday, 29 June 2008



Kirk - you keep reminding me that there is such a continually changing world of food in San Diego that I have not yet experienced. I need to do more local "road-tripping" when I get back home.


I'm torn between papusas and molitas it all taste so good but is their truly a difference?


between you and Kathy, I have to try pupusas soon!


I have never had a pupusa before. The picture reminded me of those Chinese pastry cake... that's filled with either pork, leek, or some other delicious thinging. Next time I see pupusa on a menu, I'm getting it for sure!

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh pupusas are great. Definitely do the loroco next time - those flower buds add a nice aroma.


Yummy. I am actually going to a Salvadorian restuarant I found in El Cajon tomorrow to try it out.


Hi Mike - Yes, San Diego has some very nice eating it ever so humble.

Hi Billy - I've had mulitas twice...the first time they were like puffy pupusas but deep fried(!), the second time, they were basically two tortillas folded over filling. So, based on that limited info...I'd say there's a big difference.

Hi Kat - Pupusas is good eatin'.

Hi Eileen - They sorta are the same...except made with masa. There are quite a few places in LA that make them.

Hi Ed - Yeah, I didn't see it during my first pass.....the menu looked so different from the original that I was thrown off!

Hi Mike - Good luck!

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

It's funny. I recently had a dream about pupusas. In my dream, there was a big one-story warehouse-sized building that was El Salvadorean and in my dream, supposedly had really good pupusas.

I've never actually had a pupusa before!



oh what a great looking breakfast, I love pupusas and that zippy pickly coleslaw...


Hi TS - You're dreaming about food you've never even had? Wow.....

Hi FH - For some reason Pupusas taste especially good for breakfast.

the food ho

One day I was trying to figure out where we were going to eat lunch, and I believe I read your first blogpost about El Salvadoreno. We went there, loved it, and I think we have been back 2 more times!


Hi TFH - I need to eat here more often....


Can't wait to try it! Haven't had a pupusa since my trip to El Salvador in 2001 (a long time ago!)

My friends and I have decided we will start making weekly trips to different ethnic restaurants in SD (last night was Latin Chef). Next on our list: El Salvadoreno!


Hi Rachel - I'm glad you find what we have here of some use, and hope you have a great meal! How did you enjoy Latin Chef?


Interesting article. Have to try it soon.

And speaking as one of the friends that Rachel mentioned, Latin Chef was excellent. Highly recommend the lomo saltado.


Hi James - Yes, I enjoy the Lomo at Latin Chef, it's too bad that they don't do the Tiradito any longer. The Pupusas at El Salvadoreno were pretty good, though the fillings sometimes fell a bit short.

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