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Friday, 06 June 2008



Yum, we love Oggi's too! We always seem to get the same things, Chopped salad (love it!) and the combo pizza. Sometimes we'll get an appetizer, depending on how much we eat. I've also had the make-your-own calzones, which are always delicious. And save me some of those anchovies!


i've been to oggis once this past winter (haha, like so cal really experiences that) in the city of orange. man that sampler, isn't that drinking 3 cups of beer? that's a lot. i don't remember what i got there tho for the beer...but i got the vegetarian pizza...and it was good, but i like my pizza different. your calzone looks very delicious and so does the salad. nice post! A+!!!!

ed (from Yuma)

You are right - almost all of us are creatures of habit. Faced with a new Mexican place, I will usually try the green chile. And once you find some things that you really like, it is really hard to try other things.


The beer was our appetizer, Carol ;) We actually never had a pizza here...maybe next time. I just always want the cheese and bread. I think the side order of anchovies was quite large this time; probably because nobody orders them...
Hi again Sawyer! You haven't commented to me since Niban in 2006! It's so neat to know you graduated, moved and still read our blog. I am *so* happy you did the math regarding the beer. I have always liked the food here.
Hi, ed-I seem to try a quesedilla and/or bean burrito at a new Mexican place...because if they can't do that right, well. It is difficult to 'risk' something different when you know you like (and maybe crave) what you had the last time. Sometimes though, I do get wild and crazy. Had a buffalo chicken pizza earlier thies year...(elsewhere) and I liked it!. Never would've thought it.


wow cathy, you have a really good memory....

i already have a list of places to go next time i visit sd thanks to u guys =)


You have inspired me to try one of those beer tasting things. That looks like a pleasant experience. In my years and years, of beer tasting, and many micro-breweries, I have NEVER gotten a "tasting." I have done it with sake. Wine of course. The time has come. I'm going. I can DO this!


Hi Cathy,

Funny thing about those "benchmark" dishes: they're supposed to be the ones we use to judge the cook's hand at the stove, but like others here, when I discover that the cook can cook, I don't expand my choices... I just keep ordering the benchmark.

Around town, I'm stuck on: Pad Thai, Reuben sandwich, green chile (Ed has it right!), pizza, pulled/chopped pork shoulder, veal chop, fried seafood platter, kefta kabob, stuffed grapeleaves, cheeseburger, pho with fatty brisket and tendon, "Italian Village Sub", pork chow fun, grilled pork bahn mi, pork with black beans and rice, pork adobo,shrimp and okra gumbo, and two over medium with bacon / sesame bagel with cream cheese and butter / home fries crispy / tomato slices / coffee.

Wow. I just realized how much crap I eat.



How *very* cool that you use our little blog as a reference, Sawyer.
You *can* do it Chris! Look at my post from the San Diego Brewing Company (use the search box in the top left corner). Know that Gordon Biersch doesn't charge, but only gives you one ounce sips as tastings, so that you will order a pint of something.
You eat the good stuff, Omar, no problem with that. I do just blog about what I like and eat, I don't do any kind of comprehensive analysis. I figure if I do order something that should be "basic" and they can't do that right, I am not going back anyhow.


They don't charge for that!? Thats cool. That is kind of the way I eat: Often, I would strongly prefer smaller tastings of differnet things. I would buy a pint but leave having tasted many (and still able to drive!). I hope this catches on.


Gordon Biersch has always done it this way, Chris. It does give you a chance to have a pint of what you really want. I kind of like the different flavors of the beers with my food..but some of the beers are not anything I would want a whole pint of. The hefe has a definite banana taste to me and I always finish it last- like a dessert. None of the other places do it this way, but I agree, the GB way is more what a "tasting' should be...

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