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Wednesday, 18 June 2008



found myself chuckling here and there with your commentary, but great photos! gosh, wasn't it hard to choose 10?? thanks for being a great sport and participating :)


Well if you did a picture collage I think you could pass with a technicality ;-) Thanks for the past memories just awesome!


thien thanh! i am weeping...

Wandering Chopsticks

Hehe. I think I've been reading you too long b/c I can remember a lot of those posts. :)

Don't worry about the meme. My blog seems to also be where memes go to die. That's why I stopped tagging people. :P


Great! Now I'm very, very hungry. I predict nothing I pack for lunch tomorrow will taste good since I'll be thinking of these yummy, yummy foods.


Nice photos, but a question. I have a similar price range camera, a Sony, and I find that sometimes the colors dont come out the way they really are. Do you find that?

How did you manage to take a picture of the camera? Neat.

Unrelated subject: I am looking for a place locally that has those Shanghai dumplings filled with broth/soup (xiao long bao)sp?
any recomendations?


Great pictures! Your sisig looks so "clean" not so "dirty" looking as some sisigs I've seen. Please tell me what's in that one and do you have a recipe? Tks! Yes, if you have picasa you can collage 4 or 9 (even more) plates at one time and count as one picture. hehe


LOL I love your categories. I think this meme was great as it was a bit of a blast in the past for us and you too I bet. That nem khao sure looks good! Again another food I have yet to try but would love to. Am surprised that loco moco didn't rate higher for you ;)


Heeheehee, great post! Ah, Hilo style loco moco from Leilani's! Drat, now I'll need to make some.

jeff c

Kirk, I've already had breakfast not more than an hour ago. I sit down and turn to your blog and I see this interesting meme. Now my stomach is rumbling and my salivary glands are aching and I'm going to have to wait for lunch.
As a funny aside, Wife read a funny article that stated the Chinese government was cracking down on the restaurants in the city for putting mistranslated english names to restaurant dishes. Some examples with the erroneous translation and the government corrected versions would be
KO Shui Ji- Saliva Chicken (Sesame sauced chicken or Mouthwatering chicken)
TONG ZHI JI- Chicken w/o Sex Life (Steamed Pullets)
HONG Sao SHI TZI TOU - Red Burned Lion Head ( Red Braised Meatballs)
FU QI FEI PIEN - Husband Wife Love Slice (Beef and Ox Tripe in chili sauce)
MAPO TOFU - Bean Curd Made By a Pock Marked Woman (MaPo TOFU this is unchanged, I guess they figured people would know it already).
I'm sure there are numerous others and I hope maybe you and some of the others can contribute to this list.


LOL you did manage to squeeze in more than 10, but what a great selection! I'm so hungry... The commentary is very entertaining too and omg I think we use the same camera! I use the finepix f20.

Hao Ye

Chris: Shanghai City is not bad for XLB:

I wonder how many food bloggers end up using the Fuji's because of their superior high-iso performance. (helps for those indoor no-flash shots).

@foodhoe: Kirk's camera looks more like an f30 to me. Fuji has made minor changes to the shape of the grip for each model.

I happen to use an f31fd. :)


Hi Kirk!
I have to say I love that Nem Khao. I always wonder what those sort of translucent noodly things are--do I want to know?
Whatever they are, the dish is one of my favorites.

Oh, and here's an "eyes on the street" report for you--pho has arrived in El Cajon! There's a new place on Main St near where I work, called the Pasteur Cafe. It's not the best pho I've ever had in my life, but it's certainly not bad and a great cheap lunch--pho and egg roll for $5-something. Plus the decor is very nice and the people are friendly.
If you're ever stranded in East County, it's worth a visit. I don't really recommend their other dishes, though...


Hi Kat - I had a heck of a time trying to pick out photos....which is why I snuck a few extra in. ;o)

Hi Billy - No, thank you for always coming by....

Hi Dave - I kinda miss them too.

Hi WC - LOL! It does seem like a loooong time. I'll do that meme....after all I promised.

Hi PGS - Whatever you choose for lunch; I hope it's both filling and nutritious!

Hi Chris - The F30 I have is known for excellent low light capabilities. I never use a flash. Also, you can't beat natural light...not very bright because of reflection, but natural light is the best. For me, as Hao mentions, I think Shanghai City does the best XLB. Many people like the version at Dumpling Inn, but I thought it wasn't as flavorful, and the meat tasted wrong. Quite a few plaes make XLB - 168, Chin's, even Mandarin Garden. Most of them aren't very good.

Hi Susan - That Sisig was from a place called Ed's Bistro:

Unfortunately, it has since closed. It was prepared with Lechon Kawale. It was pretty darn good. Not as good in flavor as the version from Conching. I've never tried making Sisig...I need to show restraint.

Hi Rachel - I'm glad you enjoyed the bit of silliness. They are displayed in no particular order.

Hi Carol - I'm glad you enjoyed the poat.

Hi Jeffrey - I think those names add "color"....there are a few at restaurants in the SGV.

Hi FH - I have an F30, I really like it.

Hi Hao - I heard that the F50, in spite of the "numbers", does not take quite as good photos as the F30. I'm not sure about the F100 though.

Hi Jenne - Nice to hear from you! Those "noodly things" is pig skin.... Thanks for the heads up...we'll check it out. I know how much you love Pho!


There are a number of nice things about the F50 that can make it quite appealing:

- size
- SD card support
- availability

The image quality is slightly worse (compared to the F30's), you do have to deal with larger image files, and the battery life is meager (by comparison), but for the price (< $200), it's an excellent purchase amidst the sea of Sony and Canon ultracompacts. (And the F50 is able to compete better in that market due to some trimming.)

I haven't heard much at all about the F100, but I'm saving up for a DSLR down the line anyway, so my F31 is going to be my primary pocket camera for a while.

Dennis K.

Hi Kirk, I consider myself tagged! It will take a few days but I'll let you know.
A question.. Are the cold noodles from Ba Ren "Dan Dan Mian"? I understand there are different kinds and the one at Dumpling Inn was the sesame/peanutbutter paste kind. Wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I also remember having Tan Tan Men in Alhambra long ago which was more a spicy soup based that is popular in Japan. Have you come across this in San Diego?


Hi Dennis - I look forward to your post! These noodles are Sichuan Liang Mian...different from Dan Dan Mian. I thought the Dan Dan Noodles at Dumpling Inn were not very good. Ba Ren, China Chef, and Dede's all have Dan Dan Mian, so you might want to try it out there.

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