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Thursday, 12 June 2008



aaargh I hate it when you don't have rice to eat with the okazu...


I've eaten at Goldilocks a few times. The food tends to be hit or miss, mostly miss...and the service is always lousy. Needless to say I won't be back.


Hmmm...doesn't Goldilocks also have a bakery Kirk? I've been tempted to stop by the one in Concord on my way to pilates class to get some sweets, but have never made the plunge.


That's too bad you weren't served well. If you were in the Philippines it would be different. You would beg the wait staff to leave you alone for at least 5 min. : )


Hi Kat - Yes, it makes it really hard to eat the food! ;o)

Hi Leonora - So I'm guessing the service we received was SOP.

Hi Penny - The bakery is what Goldilocks is really known for.

Hi Susan - I'm hoping to find out for myself one day.


i hate that restaurant! everytime we go there, the service is just as you described. unless you're holding a louis vuitton/gucci bag, or wearing a rolex watch, you'll be waiting a loooooooooong time to be seated/served/acknowledged. i've complained about the service numerous times, but it never improves. i don't go there voluntarily - i only go if someone else is paying and they really want to go!


Man, I don't care how good the food is, I'd NEVER go back after service like that and I'd make sure all of my friends were well aware of it. There are so many great restaurants out there witrh great food and great service that go out of business for one reason or another...and places with horrible service that manage to stick around for whatever reason. It's maddening.

If they only knew who they were ignoring! (which is EXACTLY why you treat everyone who comes in just never know!)


Long time reader of this fantastic blog, love your culinary adventures.

I AM sorry that you had such crap experience at Goldilocks - I'd love to say that this is an anomaly, but I find quite a few Pinoy restaurants to be lacking in customer service. I go back if the food is outstanding - but I usually do take out, rather than have to sit around and wait for someone to notice and, you know, take my order (usually with a put-upon sigh. Thanks, but no thanks!)

I think Pinoy food is best with friends and family anyway -
if you're in DC, I'll totally make you some arroz caldo and mom would make you some lechon kawali. Crispy pata is a little tougher. I might have to get some takeout :)

the office goat

I think I'll stick to Tita's if I'm in that area. At least the scowling ladies serve me what I ask for. Mmmmmm ... Tita's BBQ...


Ahhh Goldilocks. I remember they used to be in Artesia (now it's in Cerritos) and across the street, (probably not by coincidence, but who knows) there was a shop called "The Three Bears"...anyway, Goldilocks has never impressed's the kind of Filipino food that makes a person get the wrong impression of Filipino food. The one in Las Vegas is pretty good though for some reason. Cerritos? Not so much.

Pick-a-Pika looks awesome though, at least new. I wonder if there's something like that around here!? Also, I was hoping to hear good things about the sisig, as it is my current obsession!


I've only gotten sweets from the bakery which were delicious, but have always wanted to try the restaurant... Sounds like a mixed bag, but at least they have the right condiments, that alone can save the day.


Hi Cecelia - So it wasn't just a one time thing? How sad.

Hi Jan - It is puzzling.

Hi Lor - Thanks for the invite....I'll never turn down Lechon Kawale. You know, I've food service at Filipino restaurants to be quite polarizing. Some places have very warm, and almost too gracious service; while others could care less.

Hi TOG - LOL! If you're going to get rude service; at least the food should be good, right?

Hi Elmo - I've heard that the Vegas location is pretty good as well.

Hi FH - I agree......


Thanks for blogging about phillipino food, a cuisine I know so little about! Still trying to imagine what adobo tastes like. I got emailed a recipe by Jo once but I am hesitant to make food even from a recipe that I haven't tried before as I'm not quite sure how it should taste and if it was a success or not.


Hi Rachel - Adobo the ubiquitous Filipino dish is a great braise of sorts that feature vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, and peppercorns. I should actually post on what I make one day.


Everyone here has already said it. The service is terrible and food mediocre. Tita's to go. :)


Hi Denny - he-he-he....I guess if you're going to get terrible service, you might as well get huge portions and pretty good food, right?

Goldilocks Bakery

Love the sisig,i miss filipino food a lot.


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