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Tuesday, 24 June 2008



Hey Kirk, tour story gave me a good chuckle. The things we do and places we go for food. :0)


bwaah! i would have stopped going after the snoring girl incident.

The Guilty Carnivore

Hey, that was me calling on the other end!


Should google that payphone number to see what interesting craigslist ads come up...maybe some clinical trials on ambien or something.


sounds like a scary neighborhood...


Hi Carol - You're right.....I'm a bit crazed huh? Crazy Asian Bruddah....a CAB! ;o)

Hi Santos - Can you tell I'm a bit obsessive.....

Hi GC - I shoulda' checked the caller ID! ;o) Truth was, I didn't want to touch the phone.

Hi Liver - Or something.....

Hi Kat - Sorry, I didn't want to give that impression. It's pretty near to San Diego State, but I just thought everything that happened was weird.


You truly are the real deal food detective. we need to give you a purple heart or maybe a golden stomach medal of valor.That is a scary place.


WoW felt like I was in TJ trying to get some goooooooood torta. Nothing like the add excitement in a day of a torta ;-)


Lol! You are full of heart! I would have demanded a refund for the Milanesa from Mr. C, plus the 2 quarters!


It's the urban equivalent of foraging for fuud in the forest. You stumble across a few nettles.


Yay! 2 CABs all da way!


haha, this was a hilarious read! ^_^ I'm curious as to what those young women were up to! o_O!


Hi Michael - It is kinda strange...I don't think scary, but very strange.

Hi Billy - I'm glad to have added a bit of excitement.

Hi Susan - You are too kind. I have another story about MrC coming up.

Hi RONW - Right you are.

Hi Carol - LOL!

Hi Kathy - I think you can figure that out......

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