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Monday, 16 June 2008


ed (from Yuma)

What a deal. That food looks great!

Judy Lee

i've been obsessed with indian food lately... THANKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU.


Dang what a bargain....


It is a good deal on some *very* fresh food, ed. I really like it here.
Hi Judy- there isn't too much Indian food here, more Mediterranean, but it is all excellent quality and if you are in this neighborhood (instead of the Black Mountain Road area) it makes an excellent quick fix.
Hey, bill- it's a bargain because you have to eat it in your car or take it home...oh well...I have no problem with that. I have a big ole container of sumac at home if I want a condiment...


a very nice and informative post, and i was quite surprised to see how cheap it all was! esp. with rising prices...and that honey treat looks quite good, i'm very partial to any kind of honey baked good.

the bread looks great as well!


They have a good variety of olives. You should have tried some.


Awesome! I've been wondering where to go when I get the craving for Shawerma now that the nearest Zankou is quite a bit aways. I'll need to try everything you mentioned!


How do they make money with that price?
Kebabs look so good.
I'm getting hungry now....


Hello again, Sawyer! The bread is wonderful as are the sweets made here and sold pre-packed. The bread is best eaten warm. This is not a high end neighborhood and the prices reflect this.
Hello again, Scott. I love olives, but The Mister doesn't, so I have a huge variety at home-hidden from him (he tends to throw away things he thinks are useless from the fridge). The ones on top of the hummus were enough to get me home. I have bought small amounts at a time from the market here though.
Hi again, Hao- In this same neighborhood (the second larest area of Christian Chaldeans in the US) on the same block is Al Salaam Halal and across the street is Ali Baba. I have posted on both, as well as Sultan Schawarma, which is in downtown San Diego. All of them have excellent schawarma. (You can also try the restaurant attached to Vine Ripe in La Mesa- I also posted on it...go to the top left of this page and type in those titles in the "search" box)
Hi Eileen- it is an International Market, but not at all upscale. Kind of only locals seem to shop here. I did not want to take photos of people in religious garb nor of any people out front. I love the different foods you can buy from the store- yogurt drinks (by the gallon) and fetas and teas and rice and lentils by the pound as well as the hot foods.

ed (from Yuma)

Have you ever been to the Sahara restaurant?

2990 Jamacha Rd
El Cajon, CA 92019
(619) 660-9990

Ate there years ago and it was very good, but I don't get out to east county much. I'm not even sure if the place is still open.


Hi Cathy looks like we both have a passion for middle eastern food. The long filo roll is known as zrout el sit or "lady's arm" I blogged a bit about lebanese sweets recently if you are interested.

I find it odd that a middle eastern store sells biryani which is a southern indian type cuisine. Glad that such great buys are to be had there anyway. I do love fresh home made hommous!


Hi, ed- I remember going to Sahara years ago, and it was good-but I also remember looking for it one day and it wasn't open anymore. Never looked to see what it became. Now I am curious. There was another place on Avocado which has turned into a Pollo Loco. I will drive around that neighborhood this weekend.
Hey, Rachel! Thank you. It took someone from Australia to tell me what I was eating. At least I got it right: it is a curded cheese. Thanks for noticing the Indian food and its dichotomy in the store. The only reason I could ever think of as to why they make it is they are using leftovers as well as some curry...It is wonderful though. Sometimes I just get a 1/2 lb container and piece of bread and am good to go.


i live just up the road from this place, and have been a regular patron since i moved here 2 years ago. i am Palestinian-American, and i can attest that the food is authentic (i'm craving it right now, having just read the post!). we eat the fresh "tanoori" bread many times a week in our house, which we enjoy with the beef kebabs that you mentioned. they also on occasion have chicken kebabs, which are even BETTER. i highly recommend them, because the spices are a little different and they are very juicy as well. i really like them on the bread topped with a homemade salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, mint, and parsely. you can spread lebneh on the bread and it gives it a creamy, sour kick.

there is a newly opened market with similar products and a little bakery, just two doors down from this place. it is called Babylon Market and i've found it to be good as well. but i've kind of become cult-ish about El Cajon Market, so i don't go to it much. but definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.



Hello and welcome, Susan! I am *so* glad to have heard from another person who does shop here-it is a great place and has everything I want for a lot of meals. I have used the kebab meat in a salad with the bread on the side, but the lebneh on the bread and making it kind of a sandwich sounds even easier. We have gone into Babylon Market twice and some of the prices are a few pennies better for the vegetables, some bulk items and sweets on the West wall, but basically the only food made in the store is the bread. I guess it depends on my timing for the day. The last two times, I parked on Main and walked into Babylon to see the prices then into International where I bought stuff then Babylon for a couple of less expensive vegetables before going back to my car. I do like both places. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment-and read our little blog.


Hello bloggers,
Amazing food and really good service. People are very nice and respectful, also sells custom jewlery which is beautiful. Too many people opened up beside them, but they are number 1 prices cannot be beat!

barry sanders

i live in vegas and i drive four and half hours for that shawerma sandwich and i flirt with the owner and her beautiful daugters. excellent service also.


Hi, Cashier. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I like the whole neighborhood.
Hello Barry- You are speeding if you get here in 4.5 hours from Vegas. Interesting craving. No shcawarma in Vegas? At all? The market doesn't make Schawarma sandwiches though, just sells the deconstructed parts.


I don't know exactly what "spit" means when describing the Schawarma...but I think it should never be used when describing food. It sort of throws the thoughts processes off and I actually imagine spit on the food. ...maybe another word like(and I looked it up so now I know what it is)skewer.


Hi Julie. Google "BBQ Spit" and you can see the tool used for rotissiere cooking is called a spit. A skewer technique is used for putting meat on the spit. Skewers are smaller and don't rotate. Thanks for stopping by our blog to comment! Do try the International Market. I'll be doing an update soon.

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