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Monday, 02 June 2008



that looks like a super feast! I found a local crawfish festival here coming up that I'm going to try to get to. festivals can be such a zoo! sounds great.


Hi FH - Sometimes those festivals are kinda crazy.

jeff c

thanks for the followup. HMMM. I wonder how the swedes and norwegians do it with seasonings. I recall a lot of the traps were being sold by a swede here.


Hi Jeff C -

The recipe for Kräftor (Crawfish, Swedish-style) is pretty straightforward-

Per Person:

2 lbs of live crawfish
3 quarts of water
5 tbsp of salt
1 tbsp of sugar
Handful of Fresh Dill (preferably the tops or "crowns")

Purge the crawfish by covering them - alive - in cold salted water for about 5-10 minutes, or until the water gets murky.

Meanwhile, boil salt, sugar and dill in the clean water.

Gently rinse crawfish, tossing out any dead soldiers, then boil them for 10 minutes or until the they turn red.

Cut the heat and leave the crawfish in the water until everything cools off. Some recipes call for overnight refrigeration.

Strain crawfish, remove the cooked dill, serve with:

Garlic mayonnaise for dipping
Strawberry cake

But considering that Arizona law prohibits you from taking live crawfish away from their place of "capture", you'll either have to take your stuff - including a fridge - with you to the lake, or you'll have to cook dead mudbugs, something I can't imagine, even as I type the words. My other problem with doing it Swedish-style is this: did you see those side-dishes? Ugh. It's a meal planned by committee, I think, or one figured out AFTER the aquavit was gone.

Better go with Plan A, which you can do at the lake: purge crawfish; boil water with Zatarain's or some other Louisiana-style boil plus bay leaf, cayenne, margarine or olive oil, garlic and lemon; add live crawfish; when water boils again add corn and new potatoes; cook for 8-10 minutes; rest off heat for 10 minutes more; strain and eat crawfish, corn and 'taters.

Bring beer. Leave the aquavit for another time.


Jeff C

Omar, thanks for that wonderful followup. You are right I think I will go with the more tasty and convenient form with the Zatarain's. But if I'm ever in Norway or Sweden in the summer I'll know how to do it local style. Shaka bra.


Sorry I've been AWOL lately. Was in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong for two weeks. Though I had to comment when I saw this post, because I actually drove by this place a month ago and wondered..."Hmm, I wonder if Kirk has tried this?!"


Hi Elmo - I hope you had a great time, and look forward to reading about it.


Coworkers n' I went here today for lunch.

Got the "Full House" @ medium and my lips were a little tingly after I was done with the pound of shrimp n' crawfish.

I agree, the crawfish are a little small (save for the two monsters my coworkers ended up with) and the Full House does overshadow the crawfish and shrimp but I liked the flavor so didn't mind.

Crinkle-cut cajon fries = love. :)


Hi Rosa - Try the clams next time, it's my favorite right now. Also, check out the sweet potato fries.

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