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Tuesday, 10 June 2008



Hi Kirk. Thanks for the review. Sorry it was a bad experience. I've been wanting to try that place, but know now not to waste my money. I tried Rama a couple months ago. I thought it was good, a bit expensive, but I dont have a lot of experience with Thai food. That's a pretty awful experience with the bag lady. Bummer.


sorry about the bag/crosswalk/gangsta yell/walker lady -- YIKES! how nice of you to do that :)

at least there was a plus to all of the bad reviews -- free soda :)


Hey, I am sorry to hear your bad experiences with Chow. We went about 5 times when it first opened and had great experiences both with the food and my new favorite cocktail, the "Dirty Chow" which is basically olive juice and sake. Though now looking back, the service and the food deteriorated with every visit until finally the menu had changed and no longer included my two favorite dishes. My spouse's two favorite dishes were gone as well. Sad, because it's easily walking distance and I had such high hopes.


Hi Stephen - It was not a bad was very mediocre food. That lady made me feel very sad.

Hi Farah - Yes, the free Diet Coke was nice.

Hi Jennifer - Like I told Stephen, mediocre food does not equate to a bad experience. It is just lousy food. Service was very nice. Not that I'll go back.


yipes, bad food, bad experience with the lady...reminds me of when we told someone that their backpack was wide open, she looked at us like, "so?"...sad :(


5 of haldol, im, STAT. Then, after Alex has calmed down, use what's left in the vial on the gangstas and the shopping cart lady.


Shame about Chow. I see "noodle" in the name and hold out great hope. Perhaps we should pool our money and buy airfare for a really good Asian noodle cook. He/she can stay at my house...



Man, I ALWAYS know what's coming when you start out a post by saying how nice the service is. Kinda like a hint. ;)


oh BAH! i hate it when people try to pass off bad food just cause it's in a 'nice' neighborhood. sorry to hear about your scary experiences Kirk.


Well Kirk, I think you gave Chow plenty of chances.

Gangstas and schizo bag ladies, lol, sorry but I had to laugh a bit only because I know what you were going through. I've had my share of those experiences.


Hi Kat - good deed goes unpunished!

Hi Liver - LOL! You crack me up!

Hi Omar - Good luck, with current immigration laws.....

Hi Jan - Ah, you read me well.

Hi Penny - It seems that the concept was created before any thought was put into the food. And the flavors are geared to what they believe the masses will want. Nothing wrong with that; but it's not for me.

Hi Carol - In retrospect, I thought it was funny, which is why I included it as a little post-script.


The ending was great!


My wife and I tried Chow a few months ago. We dine regularly at the various Thai restaurants on or near University Avenue and didn't like Chow at all. The menu, the service, and the praparation leave a lot to be desired. I guess we just prefer the Amarin Thai or Lotus Thai approach better. And the new Celadon on Fifth looks too much like a nightclub for our taste. By the way, the "old" Celadon on University was our favorite.

the office goat

I think the gangstas were trying to tell you the bag lady had dropped her Big Gulp cup a block earlier and were asking if you would kindly return it to her, since she swore at them when they tried.


Hi Kirk,

I think you are right, it has gone downhill and we tend to only go there when we are in need of some quick takeout and don't want to drive all the way to Amarin or aren't in the mood for Mandarin House on 5th.

It is too bad though, because I really like the concept and if it was executed better it would be great to have something so close.



Hi Billy - Looking back, it was kinda funny.....not at that moment though.

Hi David - I don't think that Chow would try to define itself as a "Thai Restaurant" per se, but it should still be able to serve up good dishes regardless.

Hi TOG - LOL! I'm glad you're able to translate.

Hi Gil - Sounds like they did things pretty well in the beginning....but concept over cuisine will never last.


Hi! Been reading the blog for a while but have never commented...I was wondering if you have ever tried Saigon on's around the corner from chow and so good! Its very well done and a very classy space that is not too pricey (especially for Hillcrest). I would love to hear your review of it, because you seem to have such extensive knowledge and experience with Vietnamese food. Favorites for me include the tamarind soup and baked eggplant.


Hi LisaM - Hello to you as well, and thanks for taking the time out to comment. I've been to Saigon on 5th four times, but have not really been satisfied with the food there. I think it's under-flavored, and over priced.


hey kirk, chow doesn't ask you how spicy you want your food? or yai? yai asks now. i tried the spicy spicy the other day, they tried to dissuade me. it was mind-numbingly awesome :)

sorry about your thwarted good deed!


Hi santos - I meant Yai...we've never been asked how spicy there.

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