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Tuesday, 03 June 2008



Sounds like a decent place. Only place around here that I go to is during lunch with co worker and it's all in Irvine. The greasy stuff always give me indigestion I guess in part due to not using clean frying oil as often as possible.


glad to hear it was worth the drive :)

clare eats

bbq is EVERYWHERE in china. It is very very cheap to often about 50 jiao. though i paid 2 yuan in potatso national park. It is generally dusted in a mix of chilli powder, sichuan pepper, cumin and salt with oil. yum! they put the same mix on almost everything, bread, potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini they bbq almost anything that can be bbqed. the best was yak in the national park


Hi Kirk, and lamb in the same meal, both done well? And something called "Sweet Corn with Pine Nuts?" Sounds too good to be true, and definitely worth a drive up to Mira Mesa.



Hi Billy - This visit was much better than our previous one.

Hi Kat - With the price of gas here in the states, it has sometimes come out to dollars and cents.

Hi Clare - Sounds like you're having a great time in China!

Hi Omar - I still think the Cumin Lamb at Dede's is better, but it's been a long time since we've had a lamb dish that was really gamey enough to suit our tastes. The Tea Smoked Duck was pretty good. More meat on it than I'm used to.


wow that sounds like a very fine meal! i've never had cumin lamb but i'm going to have to hunt it down.


When I was in college in the 80's, we frequented the China Chef down on Pearl in La Jolla. It was cheap and good, as I recall. I'll have to try the location in Mira Mesa. My colleagues and I always order at least one order of Cumin Lamb at Spicy City when we're there. Mmm-delici-yoso! I've been reading your blog for a couple of years, but don't post too often. Thanks for all the good info.


Hi FH - Cumin Lamb is one of my favorite dishes.

Hi Scott - Well thanks for visiting, and I appreciate your comments.

Jeffrey C

Kirk, mmm lamb. I love it like that. I fondly recall Tung Lai Shuin when it just opened and we could order the lamb and I recall it had fermented black beans in the dish coupled with the big sesame flat bread and you had a great meal. I hear the place to go now is Ma Islamic cuisine. One in Long Beach and I believe another in Rosemead.
Tea smoked duck which I orgiinally had was at Manie's sichuan in Rowland Hts. This was when the original chef was there and I thought it was excellent. I haven't ordered it since when the place switched owners/chefs. I don't even know if its on menu.
Another thing to check out is on BBC's Heston Blumenthal In Search of Perfection. For all of us who dream of eating at the world's best restaurant, this comes close.


Hi Jeffrey - I loved the lamb at TLS. The Missus actually worked there for a short time while in College. Last time we ate a Marnie's we had the Tea Smoked Duck with Chilies. The overall dish was better than China Chef's, but I think the duck at China Chef was maybe even better...I dunno, maybe I'll need to hit Marnie's again soon.


Hi Kirk,
Welcome back from the trip. So many place to see, and so many food to try.
China Chef is still holding its standard, not the best (like the original original Spicy City) but overall is satisfying. The one thing is no one I know currently makes "good" "Dan Dan Noodle". It's my own fault that I got my non-Chinese husband hooked on that dish and he now makes "critics" about Chinese food. No one can make the noodle right. If you or any of the FOY knows a good place for Dan Dan Noodle in So Cal, please post. :) Thanks.


Hi Nicole - It depends on what you consider to be "Dan Dan Noodles", I've had several differnt versions....some hot, and some cold.

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