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Sunday, 01 June 2008


lakewood flowers

it looks like a gorgeous place.


The means to make money over there is just upsetting for me. Thanks for the heads up when heading into foreign waters.


Food price is amazing there.
The most expansive part of the trip is probably getting there?


catcat+ dropdrop = interesting & fun! great post!


lol you guys are pretty well trained in obeying vauge orders! I'd be wanting to find out more first ;)


cool travel stories, I love all of the pictures - that little kid with the rubber boots is so cute.


Hi LF - Yes, it is.

Hi Billy - Everyone has a right to make a living. It just got tiring after a while.

Hi Eileen - Yes, getting there is the most expensive thing.

Hi Kat - Yes-yes! Thanks!

Hi Rachel - I dunno....we always said, everything is chaotic, but all works out in the end.

Hi FH - She looks darling, doesn't she?


I understand people need to make money but deceitfully isn't the way IMO.


LOL Billy - They don't see it that way. To them, we're "rich Americans" and this is the way they survive. You just have to be aware.

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