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Friday, 20 June 2008



Too bad the calamari was a bit chewy because it looks delicious! Mmm, tempura. I might have to make some as soon as this dang heatwave subsides.


If they fried calamari like that mind as well render it to a crisp and make calamari chips out of it.
YUM! ;-) I need to get some sushi this weekend.

jeffrey c

looks like good food at a good price. I think the sea food salad was really quite a bargain. That just goes to show you that market forces really do work in driving down prices I just hope the quality doesn't suffer in the long run.


Hi Carol- Sometimes I *need* the crunch of tempura. The calamari was a little disappointing, yes. I think it was just in the fryer a bit too long for the thin slices. We still ate it all. Great idea Bill-Calamari chips! I want some sushi right now (it is over 106º where I am)..protein and no cooking. You are right JeffreyC, the prices and quality are excellent. I knew we had rice already and just was only a little hesitant about the salad versus chirashi. I was not at all disappointed. Know a bit about economics, do you? :)


no tomatoes in your salad?


Hi Cathy, I haven't diven past this area in awhile now. I will definetly give it a try.


Oh my, 106º is hotter than where I'm at. We broke 104º about an hour ago. I'm with you that sushi sounds really good right about now.


great post - i'll be in that area next week so I may just check that place out!


Definitely having sushi tomorrow with weather like this 90 degrees! ;-)


No tomatoes, Ron...but I don't think I have had tomatoes at a Japanese place, ever...and if they would have them, most likely would be cherry or grape tomatoes, (pick-upable with chopsticks)and I don't like those-just like an eyeball bursting in your mouth...
Hi, Michael-Well I see from your site that you have been in NYC and Paris...Do stop in at Banbu, it is quite nice.
Oh Carol, my outside thermometer said 109° at some point yesterday...but it gets *really* cold at night-72°- and the chill gets inside the house...I never liked the water from our new fridge-thought it was too cold. Now I am so happy we have it.
Hey there, CC! Do stop in. We were pleasantly surprised. They have outdoor seating also. Maybe the weather will accomodate you.
Ahahaha, 90°, Bill...such an amateur... :)


Hi Cathy, great place! I visited the place today when they first opened for lunch. (Note: they open at 1pm on Sunday). With 93 degree outside, the chilled fish (I ordered hamachi and sake) tasted wonderful. Thanks for blogging this place.


Welcome to our blog, Ada. I'm so glad I was able to give you an idea of a place to stop at on this horrid weekend. They do have good food-and air conditioning AND are in East County. So nice for us.


Thank for this review-- I stumbled across this blog, and it's real helpful. I work right up the street at Cost Plus, and I've driven by this place a zillion times... now I know to stop by! Thanks!

(I'm going to remember this blog for other tips, too!)


Welcome to our blog, Marley! Thanks for the kind words. There are quite a few places I have blogged about within 3 miles of Grossmont Center-just pop the name in the top left "search" box to see if I've mentioned it yet.

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