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Tuesday, 17 June 2008



haha I love a fresh post! :) Lol love how you found something positive to say about the place. It reminds me of some fast food chains ... at least people know what they are going to get! I would have definitely gone with your idea of buying the pate and assembling your own banh mi.
I have noticed the prices of food over in the US slowly rising :( Its sad that it is a global problem. It is much the same here too *sigh*


too bad the bread wasn't good :(


Are you sure it's not "Ba Le" as in Bà Lê instead of Bale?


Hi Rachel - Yes, prices are creeping up.

Hi Kat - Yes...

Hi Dan - Yes, you are right....


LoL gotta love consistency even though its bad. Bread is goooood as long as it isn't stale or dried out. And the pate sure does look unhealthy but yummy.


Hi Kirk,

You should try the rice dishes next time and see what you think. I think they're just "OK" nothing special except they're convenient.

Try assembling your own sandwiches using the bread from Paris Bread or Costco baguette, the pate from Ba Le and I guess make your own pickled veggies.

I normally have to toast up the bread from Ba Le at home before I eat it. (BTW, they have some killer hot jalepenos.)

You should also mention if you buy 6 sandwiches, you get one free. Yay.=)

jeff c

Kirk, OMG! you've setoff the BM monster cravings, Ohhh noooo!!!!...
OK, thats over. Seriously, stuff still looks good. I'd say you can give it the same saying about pizza. Cold pizza, old pizza,bad pizza, its still good to eat pizza. Just replace pizza with the banh mi.
On another note, I spent a rather idyllic lost weekend making ragu bolognese but instead of the usual ingredients, I used left over steak, nuoc nam, star anise, cloves, grape juice, xiaoxing wine and the standard sofrito.
Some of the odder asian herbs and spices were courtesy of heston blumenthal's rather inspired suggestions.


This was the first banh mi shop I went to when I first moved to San Diego. I had a horrible time parking my big Chevy truck there. I haven't returned since then due to the parking situation. It's been a little over a year and I can't remember why I didn't like their sandwiches. I think it was the meat in it that I didn't like.


Hi Billy - I shoulda known that you'd be a terminal carb lover!

Hi Tammy - Thanks for reminder, and the recommendation as well. I'll check out the cooked dishes....if I can get a parking spot! ;o)

Hi Jeffrey - I like're absolutely right...the cold Banh Mi Rule! BTW, what did you call your creation?

Hi Mscinda - I can imagine what a hassle it must have been.

Jeffrey C

It was called stupendously delicious at least by me. Wife said it was very good. Since I don't know Italian I will probably due a mish mash of terms, Ragu ala chinois. Seriously though, when Wife went to find out the ingredients of pho broth mix and it basically is the same spice mix as doing Lu rou (chinese braised meat) I think that this would create a great meaty umami undertone. Since you are simmering for several hours, coupled with the acidity of the tomatos and the breakdown of the steak, ground chuck, pork then you really have quite an amazing ragu. Seriously try it out.

Jeff  C

Kirk, in my previous comments, just delete out the "seriously's". I tend to repeat that phrase a lot nowadays. It gets rather annoying, this according to Wife.


i cannot imagine having to navigate a chevy truck in that parking lot! we used to ask the tenants to leave the parking for customers. that idea didn't go very well with the tenants. in the late 1990's there was somoli restaurant in suite c. the parking lot was packed with taxi cabs, parked three deep! but somehow ba le has survived, despite the parking issues.


Hi Jeffrey - Seriously? ;o) Sounds like you have a winner.

Hi Toisan - Neither can I.....


Really enjoyed your post and the link to the White on Rice post. Living in Florida now, but used to live in Hawaii. My favorite Ba-Le was the one at the Manoa Shopping Center next to the Safeway. But, I never tried their sandwiches, always the soups. After your article, wish I had! Am now on a search for Vietnamese sandwiches here.


Hi Hilton - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get your Banh Mi soon!


So yesterday I had a 'special sandwich" at BaLe 22 (Waipio). Didn't know what it was, just wanted to see how special the special sandwich was (really). I was surprised to get pate and something that resembled a slice of some gelatinous pig parts. It was heaven! Bizarre, but heaven. Found your blog when researching what it is I REALLY ate. :)


Hi Vampyra1 - LOL! Welcome to the world of Dac Biet (special) got the Vietnamese version of Head Cheese and Pate....a very nice combination when made right. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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