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Sunday, 22 June 2008



I wish we had farmer's markets here. I miss that about home (Hawaii). This poke looks so good.


Well, I'm sure the cashier will be able to find another business establishment to be rude at.

By the way, is there a good place for shave ice in San Diego? Where you can get red beans in it?


JanFrederick-the soup area at 99Ranch (Kitty Corner from the steam trays-same seating area) makes shave ice. Across the street from 99Ranch store (Clairmont Mesa Blvd-same parking lot as Lolita's and Teri Cafe) has a Tea Station which also makes shave ice.


wow, I lived in Torrance back in 80-85, don't know if they had a farmers market back then... I've been to that Marukai and it is so much nicer than the Japanese markets we have around here too. That poke looks delicious.


A couple of months ago, we went to the Bay Area for the weekend. I took my family on my eating trip down memory lane in Berkeley. We went to Blondie's Pizza, Top Dog, and Yogurt Park - standbys from my student days *cough, cough* years ago.

Your poke looks so yummy!

The service (or lack of) at Asian markets and restaurants always baffles me. Indifferent service is one thing, but downright rude or nasty?


Hi Kirk, I've heard Hong Kong market is closing due to the high rent. With the reduced traffic and huge supermarket across the street, they simply can't make enough profit to cover the cost.

Keep up the good work. It is always nice to read about LA eateries from a fellow SDer (although most days I still consider LA home).


Hi Kat - Nothing like the KDD Farmers Market!

Hi Jan - You can follow Cathy's instructions. We find the shave ice here in SD to not be very good.

Hi Cathy - I've got to take you for Taiwanese Shave Ice in the SGV.

Hi FH - Marukai Gardena can be a bit overwhelming....but it is a great place to shop.

Hi Sandy - That must have been fun. Tastes change, but those memories wwill always be there.

Hi G - Thanks! I can imagine business slowing after SF Super Market opened across the street.

jeff c

Kirk,I think I've told you most of mine. I'd start with hacienda hts,and get breakfast at imei or the other breakfast place on Hacienda blvd. Go over to fullerton and get pastries at I fu tang, go browse Tawa 99 market to see what stuff was around and then go over back to Hong Kong market and browse there. Go to down town chinatown and check out Wing Hop Fung and go to Empress Pavilion for a lite dim sum brunch. Then head over to Beard Papa in Atlantic blvd and have a lite cream puffs, decide on going to hot pot at little sheep, then head over to sichuan for latenight eating on Garfield. After that go to some of the hong kong style cafes that stay open 24 hrs and have syrupy sweet coffee and try some light snacks. Then if possible head to diamond bakery when they first open and buy some sweet fried butterflies to take home and have before collapsing in bed.


Hi Jeffrey - Sounds like a really fun, calorie dense food trip.....perfect!

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