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Saturday, 21 June 2008



great photos!

i still have to try Asmara Eritrean Restaurant on University. Your post a few months ago piqued my interest.



jeff c

Dear Ed (from Yuma),
I've long admired your gustatory adventures and count myself lucky to have you on this blog. When you mentioned The White House, it seemed to hint at some recognition. Can you give some history on the place. I believe I've read about some where.

tina marie

Hi, first time posting a comment. great pictures ed (from Yuma)! I have to ask though, was that picture of loco-moco at Hawaiian BBQ at Yuma Palms mall? Ahh I'm sorry to report but their food is no longer as good as it once was! They don't even make their eggs like that anymore, you have to ask for them to make it "Medium" it's so sad!

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks all for the good words. I really liked Asmara. I hope to go back with some folks this summer. It was good.

The White House was well known in the Monterey area - a little more upscale than Passionfish, but lacking the great wine list. The chef had originally owned Fresh Cream in Monterey (which he sold), and had another place after that. White House opened with special 3 course dinners (with some choice for each course) for only $24. Over time, it got more expensive and it started to allow diners to just have one or two courses. Not sure why it went out of business.

Too bad about the Hawaiian BBQ in the Yuma Palms mall because that is where the loco-moco was from. I haven't eaten there in a while, but it used to be pretty good. Thanks, tina marie, for the warning.


Mmmm, loco moco! Just made it for lunch today. Let's see if Cathy's 10 photos rounds out to 3 loco mocos!


ed the pictures and stories are making me drool so early on monday morning... on my last trip to Monterey I emailed the white house b/c I missed going there the trip before because they were closed on Sundays and was so sad to hear that they are permanently closed. My favorite is the raw fish b/c I have kirk's poke on my mind too...

ed (from yuma)

Carol, I wonder if Cathy has a loco moco up her sleeve.

fh (I just can't call you hoe for short), thanks for the comments. Coming from you, the master of food photos, I will accept the compliment. I had had numerous good meals at the White House over the years, but only one after I bought my camera, and most of the pics from that visit didn't turn out that well. Glad I had two to share.

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