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Wednesday, 14 May 2008


jeffrey C

This is a great post. Shawarmas (sp) are such a great sandwich item and I wished more people knew about them. I was introduced to it in Westwood, Los Angeles. There was a great shawarma place that had great lamb, beef and chicken but what was the best thing about this place was its super hot relishes and pickled peppers. They totally made the sandwiches great. Too bad they've closed down. You can probably get a similar incarnation at the 3rd St. Promenade. There is a place there that does Middle Eastern food and its quite popular.

jeffrey c

Cathy, sorry about misspelling your name. For some reason I keep putting a K in it.


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for posting about Sultan. Good food at a decent price. We also like The Kebab Shop, a place you mentioned in a comment about Pho Saigon Star last summer. Both places are close enough to the ballpark that the evening can start with spicy meat and end in tears.

A note: there are 162 regular-season games in baseball, and since the Pads have only played 41 and lost 26, there's a lot of baseball to be played yet, and the team is far from eliminated. They're only 10 1/2 games out of first.


1. The 2007 Rockies were six games out in the wild-card race after last April yet went on to win the pennant;

2. The 2007 Cubs rallied from 8 1/2 games back on June 23 to catch Milwaukee and win their division for the first time since 2003, and

3. About this time in 1987, your Tigers were 9 1/2 back (one less than my Padres) and, persevering, went on to win their division.

Notwithstanding Commissioner Giamatti's lament: "It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart..."



Hi Jeffrey-I am always looking for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods when I travel to meet friends "up North" and will post some good finds from there also. It is just tasty as well as being healthy. Oh- and with your first name, I know you have had your share of misspellings in your life. I pretty much answer to anyone who seems to be looking at me and name or spelling involved.
Hahaha, Omar- I am so glad you read every word of my posts...I knew someone might comment back. I know you know I am good with numbers and all, just wrote the post over the losing streak and all... I never posted on the Kebab Shop, did I? I kind of like Sultan a bit better. You should try it before a game also, although it is a bit more of a walk.


The kefta kabob looks really good. It's been a very long time since I've had schawarma. The mother of a friend back in high school would make it for us sometimes. Ah, good times...


I love shwarma and OMG your descriptions sound so good! Wish we had more around here, the two I in my lunch rotation have closed down. This reminds me that I need to hunt a new spot down.


Hi Carol,

The post I mentioned was about Pho Saigon Star (28 May 2007). On August 17, you added the following comment:"... and on ninth just north of Market is a Kebab place." I assumed you meant The Kebab Shop, which we love.

We also enjoy Sultan Schawarma, which is a pleasant stroll from our seats at Petco Park. I especially dig their Shish Tawk, or chicken kebab, which is fragrant, succulent and moist.

Wishing this food was available in the ballpark, instead of Rubios-Anthonys-Oggis-generic-frickin-stadium food, I carry my Kebab Shop//Sultan Schawarma out and eat it during games. Take that, chain restaurants, and take THAT, Delaware North.



Hi Cathy,

Not sure why I called you "Carol" just then. Sorry...


Jessica H

I saw that this place was opening up awhile ago but I had forgotten about it. I'll definitely have to walk down and give it a try!

I wish I had known that they were open earlier so that I could have told my Arabic class to have lunch there instead of Al Bustan's. I am not willing to spend $15+ on lunch. Haha.

ed (from Yuma)

Great to read another of your posts. I know you must have been burned out after blogging almost daily while Kirk was on the other side of the world.

The place looks good.


Never heard of this type of food before. Isn't basically a Gyro? Please don't beat me with a stick for generalizing here ;-)


Hi nhbilly,

In the "old country", there's little difference between shawarma and gyros. But we're here, not there, and while in the U.S. the method of getting shawarma meat to the bread/plate is similar to that used by gyro makers, the difference in flavor is remarkable.

Authentic shawarma is made from good quality cutlets of beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, goat or combinations of these things. To the contrary, my dad ran a pizza/gyro shop in the Washington DC suburbs when I was growing up, and I never did figure out what animal died to make the gyro's mystery meat. "Minced beef" I've heard it called.

Each layer of shawarma meat is spiced (and sometimes marinated), then it's skewered over the big spike you've seen in gyro shops, spun before a roasting coil or flame, and, as it's ordered, shaved into a large scoop and placed on the plate or in the sandwich. Think tacos al pastor, but since the dish's fanbase is predominantly Muslim, you're not likely to find pork shawarma.

The appeal of this meat is such that I've seen other people... ok... truthfully, I personally have begged the carver - 'most every time - to cut just a little more meat, no matter how much he offered at first.

Have it with the white sauce. No one will be able to tell you what's in that, either, but it enhances the dish.



Hi Carol- I'm back! Isn't it interesting what we lost touch of and now remember from our High School days? The Kefta has its own spices and is good also.
Find a place, FH...there has to be one somewhere. I can't imagine the whole ciy with noplace to eat something on a pita..
Hi again, Omar...I did recommend the Kebab Shop when you told me you were a season ticket holder. I just never posted on it. I tend to favor Schawarma now though...but the smaller hole in the wall places are where to go before or after a game. Locals frequent both...even when baseball is not in town.
Oh, you will really like it JessicaH, even though it is teensy. The food is excellent.
Hi, ed! I was burned out for so many reasons...AND still have remnants of the flu. This is a great place to eat.
Ah, Billy-Omar kind of summed it up for me. If we did a side by side of just the meats, you could definitely taste the difference between Gyros and Schawarma'd beef and/or lamb and/or combinations, The bread and toppings are kind of the same, yes...but the flavors are different. I will go into more detail in another Mediterranean post.
Thanks, Omar- it was a long day for me :)



You're welcome. Go Padres.

Oh, and I tried Hammurabi in El Cajon last weekend, and I can say plainly that I'd have been better off buying the meal's components and cooking them myself.

I was provided dry kafta; greasy, fatty bits of lamb; some strange, spongy chicken-flavored cutlet; and waaaay too much olive oil drizzled on all the green stuff...

If I had stayed to eat instead of taking carryout, I'd have sent it all back. Just nasty.

401 West Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92020



Thanks Omar that was a great in depth on this type of food I appreciated it. I was thinking of al pastor by the way you were describing it. And thanks Kathy for the introduction to Schawarma.


Hi Omar...I do root for the Padres, too. But during the All Star Game and World Series I will root for the American League, no matter who...
Hey, Bill- I did mention -but did not explain the schawarma sandwich at Ali Baba, which I posted while Kirk and The Missus were on vacation. I need to explain, and I will.

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