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Saturday, 31 May 2008



The new Pho/sushi spot: I will let you try it first. See what happens.
True we don't need anymore sushi, OR pho restaurants on Convoy. I think what we really need is another good, yakitori place like Yukyudori. (I am 100% sure I got the name wrong- too lazy to research)with real bintochan charcoal. Or a nice robata grill like I experienced in LA. Do you know there is not ONE good Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian restaurant in SD?


I've never really been sure what was so extreme about pita sandwiches, and I'm not all that sad to see that place go. I don't, however, think that the market is in such need of more teriyaki/Hawaiian restaurants that we need more of them.

I'm curious as to what Khan's Cave is going to be. Chinese-themed bar and grill? Maybe something higher class? I shall have to see for myself when it opens!


not sure what to make of that sign. hopefully everything will work out for the best!


when i lived in astoria, queens, alot of the greek restaurants had a cave theme. maybe khan's cave is going to be a greek/mongolian fusion joint?


There is an ad in today's paper for Extreme Pita franchise opportunities - page A7. I like how the Hawaiian place is using the same sign. I saw that Khan's Cave sign and laughed at the use of the word "Tavern".


It's too bad about Pho Tu Do. Although it seems that we don't need another pho place, Pho Tu Do was one of the few places in SD to serve those rice flour dishes like banh beo and banh it.

Looks like I'll have to try Hoai Hue Deli now to scratch that itch.


Interesting, what a weird flier.


Hi Chris - Actually, we can use a GOOD Pho place in the area. Yakiyudori is quite good, I've been saving up a post on the place. Bali serves up Indonesian, but it is on the expensive side...and just ok.

Hi Fred - Khan's interesting name I agree.

Hi Kat - I'm kinda confused too.

Hi Dave - Interesting. I'm sure the place will probably do Mongolian BBQ, but other than that.....

Hi Cathy - I know it just sounds odd.

Hi Howie - You can also try Mien Trung.

Hi Billy - Yes, that sign makes things more confusing, doesn't it?


Hmm I really feel it too when places you know and are familiar with change. Its like the whole stree-scape and feel of the neighbourhood changes. Ahh it is a sign of getting old no?


What? Hsu's is closed?? Okay, it's been almost a year since we've gone but we've always enjoyed our meals there. Just a bit too far from home. I'm guessing Khan's is going to make use of the Mongolian BBQ that Hsu's had. I'll be interested to see the inside (it was very tired!).


I can't believe that I didn't notice that Hsu's Szechwan had closed - I drive by intersection every (work) day. I'll bet Carol is right that the new place will use the Mongolian BBQ.

I had been to Takeya many years ago, but wasn't impressed and never bothered to look at it again.

We also saw the sign at Pho Tu Do, and I think it's the same owners, but they're switching the focus of the restaurant to Japanese food.


Hi Rachel - Yes, it is.....

Hi Carol - It'll be interesting to see when they open.

Hi Sandy - I had two pretty lousy meals at Takeya when we first moved to San Diego, and never went back. As for Pho Tu Do, its kind of a stretch from Pho to Teriyaki, isn't it?

Jessica H

Ah, the one time I ate at Takeya I actually really enjoyed my meal (udon and a katsu don) and was planning to go back some day. Maybe I'll end up trying the new place!


Hi JessicaH - I thought the food was very bland and over-priced.

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