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Friday, 23 May 2008



Hey Kirk! I did a quick search on the Pink Floyd Bar and Sapa. Guess it's popular with tourists and they play nonstop Pink Floyd, 24 hrs a day. One blogger said she asked the owner about the name and he said something about some friend in London and Mister Pink Floyd. Guess he's a real Pink Floyd fan.


Hi Kirk!

I feel the same way about my Japan photos. When I get to a batch of castle/garden/temple photos, I think to myself, "Guh, these look like all the other castle/garden/temple pictures I took."



when i saw the charcol cylinders it reminded me of growing up in aunt used that to heat her floor, and the street vendors used that in their stoves. *sniff* i can smell that stuff as i think about them. :D
i loved all the pictures you colorful and of course i won't be seeing that place anytime soon, so it's nice to experience them through your lens.


I think it is cool to see all the different types of markets through your eyes :)


I actually never get tired of market posts. It just seems like such a fun and relaxing way to spend a day.


"wish you were here"-pink floyd song, popular postcard saying. for a tourist spot, i think that's a pretty good name!

love all the market reports, no matter how many!


I agree that all the markets have had their own character and feel about them. I like food markets but I also love where locals shop for their "stuff". Did you manage to catch any of that? In Hong Kong they have the "mens street" and "womens street", "electronics street" and even the "pet street"!
LOL I love how you splurged at the hotel and had a meal for $3 :P


Hi Carol - How funny.....

Hi Fred - After a while, they do start looking very similar.

Hi Farrah - I'm glad to have been able to bring back some memories.

Hi Kat - All of these markets look alike, but are quite different.

Hi Howie - Yes, it is strangely relaxing.

Hi Santos - Yes, I'm familiar with the song....I just thought that of all the places...Sapa???

Hi Rachel - In Hanoi they have "Shoe Street, Tombstone Street, Silver Street, Silk Street, and so on. Here's one of many articles:


$3 bucks!!!!! Where is the beef? ;-)


Hi Billy - That would have been $1 more! ;o)


Sapa - Vietnam

I did this trek with a guide on my second day in Sapa. The route was not busy at all and we only bumped into one other group along the way.

The weather was misty and beautiful, a very special time for me to enjoy the peaceful surroundings that only Sapa can offer.

Compared to the trek to Cat Cat, this was far more remote. Would recommend both!

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