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Sunday, 18 May 2008



That was interesting post, border hopping ;-). Oh and the balut roasted on the grill was pretty interesting I've never has it that way before just hard boiled.


Glad you guys are safe and back in the States. :-D


never saw balut or tasted it, the photo was enough for me :)


Man; you eat a lot of stuff. How DO you burn it all off? The last month, I tried to be like you, but ate like 1/4 of the stuff you do. Yet, I got 5 lbs more in "un-flattering places" to show for it. (I'm becoming a guy with boobs?) I need to back off now. Plate lunch = carbfest. You Go dude, I'll just imagine it...YOU WIN.


Hi Billy - I think it is boiled first, and the grill is used to heat it up....could be why it was so dry!

Hi Kat - It is an aquired taste.

Hi Chris - If you think about it; I really don't eat that much! In fact, I eat less "real junk" nowadays because I pay attention to my food. I ended up losing like 10 pounds on our vacation!


Hi Kirk,

Once more, your journal brings back fond memories, this time of Thailand in 1998.

One day, my wife and I took a driving trip into Nakorn Pathom province, searching for interesting architecture and marketplaces. After several wonderful hours we headed back to Bangkok.

I asked our driver - Charn - to use back roads instead of the main one; he gave me the usual quizzical stare, but we soon found ourselves bumping along country lanes lined with orchards and farms.

Approaching a crossroads, we found a man cooking chickens on a homemade bbq/rotisserie, and, roasted chicken being something my wife will eat anywhere, anytime, we decided to stop for lunch. We ordered for three; I hoped Charn wouldn't resist. He did, but was persuaded to join our feast when I told him that it's customary for San Diegans to offer food to those who help us, plus which, the other man needed the business.

As we leaned against our car, balancing chicken and orange Fanta, the chicken man brought over several bamboo tubes, obviously hot, tied together with leaves. He spoke to Charn, who asked us if we wanted dessert. He explained khao lam and I was sold.

After dinner, we split the tubes with a knife, finding different versions of khao lam. They were mostly the standard white glutinous rice with coconut milk, but a couple were "black" rice, and one white rice tube had mango in it, too. We scooped out the sweet, slightly gummy rice mixture a finger-full at a time, and as I enjoyed the dish I noted the slightly grassy flavor of the bamboo had infused the rice, as well.

The flavors were so pleasing and the event so special, that I've resisted ordering sticky rice in restaurants ever since.

Thanks for helping me relive this excellent travel experience.



I just ran into your blog (by mistake) and I love it!! I really dig how you review everything from american fast food to international meals. i run my own food blog as well. i would love to do a link exchange with you.

Oishii Eats

OOOH...I love com lam!!!


Hi Omar - I'm glad the post was able to bring back some nice memories for you! Speaking of memories; aren't you supposed to be sharing some with us? ;o)

Hi Caleb - You guys are crazy....consider it done. I'll get to it ASAP.

Hi Oishii Eats - You know, I kinda enjoyed the stuff you dip it into more than the Com Lam....but it was still pretty good.


That post was too long, hmm?


Hi Omar - No, it was fine.....


That Balut looks like it was ready to spread its wings and fly! The Com Lam sounds delicious though.


Hi Howie - That egg was very close to taking off on us!


I don't like balut with feathers and developed bones either. when its really young it can be tasty, especially with salt pepper and herbs.


I just love how people open up to you and the missus. I am sure that the young lady was grateful for your company even while at work. I am also sure she was glad you paid her a return visit.

Yes whole pig on a stick sounds cool! Hopefully you get to try a nicer juicier version sometime :)


Balut? That has to be the weirdest thing you've ever eaten.

Oh, and in Thailand, I didn't see pig on a stick, but I saw two guys bbq-ing a big ol' hog's head with a blowtorch. Very creative.


Hi Du - I agree....if I must eat it, then it must be young.

Hi Rachel - We['ve since had a nice version of pig on a stick...hopefully, it'll be in a future post.

Hi Omar - Balut is everyday food for many, so I really can't call it weird. I just am not a fan of know, like some people don't like tomatoes. There was something quite odd that we had in Cambodia.


yes...yes...something odd in Cambodia...I'm on the edge of my seat...

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