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Wednesday, 21 May 2008



I love breakfast in general, but your photos are making my salivary glands ache more than usual. Thanks for sharing with us Cathy!


I should really give this place a chance. The only reason I don't is the fact that it's a chain that will disappointment and leaving me feel I wasn't appetized/satisfied. To mention a few, coco's, marie calender, and more....But thanks to you Mimi will be on my hit list.


I love their blueberry muffin. :)



I share your reluctance to "risk" a meal at chain restaurants, but I can promise you that Mimi's for breakfast is a good bet. I mean, it's just eggs and bacon and such, but they're easy with the griddle grease and the ingredients they use are fresh and well-prepared. So take your paper, make time to relax, and enjoy your breakfast.



Thank YOU for the compliment, liver. I try to take a good yet quick photo of the food on the plates. If you see a Mimi's stop in. The one in Santee opens at 7 a.m. now (it used to open at 6 a.m.).
Do try it, Bill- you know we just blog and are bluntly honest about what we eat. I like fresh, quality food and this blog is my way of sharing what I like and know is good, without just bringing it up in a random conversation. Or letting you hear me randomly talk about other things within that conversation...
Yes, Liz- it is good. I was surprised it was low fat. The other muffin choices- honey oat bran, buttermilk spice, carrot raisin nut and the 'seasonal' muffin (it is 'coffee cake' now, but was 'pumpkin spice' when we went in March) all are served hot and fresh...and I think I will just *have* to try all of them, to see which actually *is* the best...:)
Thanks, Omar. It is just good food here. If you come when there isn't a line out the door, it is quite a nice experience. I suppose the lines are a clue. Too bad I never paid attention.


Hey Cathy! Your breakfast looks like something we would get, me getting that wonderfullly looking Pain Perdu! I think I know where I want to go for breakfast this weekend. Thanks for the review!


Go early so it isn't crowded, Carol. "My" Mimi's opens at 7 a.m.-used to open at 6- I don't think there is anything 'bad' here...get what you want; I bet you'll like it. Remember, everything came with the meals I showed on both posts, except the coffee. I mean, how many places give you juice automatically? Way worth it.


ooh that stuffed french toast looks really good! Is good? I've never been but heard about that french toast... looks yummy. Lucky you having an orange tree in your backyard!


Hi again, FH! The eggy bread slices used for the French toast are kind of small, but stuffed with a *lot* of cream cheese and marmalade. The toast is cooked on the interior as well as exterior. It tastes heavenly, but I know I'd make myself sick if I had even two servings. It is so nice having both an orange tree on one side of the house and a nectarine tree on the other side. Makes walking out for breakfast or a snack easy.

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