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Sunday, 11 May 2008



Is this place considered to be good by Hawaiian standards? I've eaten there about 3 times and I was happy with what I got. I just don't know if it's close to the real deal since I've never been to Hawaii.


Hi TLB - It's ok, by Kama'aina standards...the menu is just standard stuff, it is very one dimensional. It only scratches the surface - Mo's is better, and I kinda explain the Hawaiian food vs plate lunch thing:

I hate to do this posting link kinda thing, but at the end of this post is my opinion of the whole L&L thing.

In some ways it's kinda sad, because all these Hawaiian BBQ places really don't approach what the good plate lunch places serve. But, if you look at it from a value stand point, you can get a good value at some of the better places.


Looks like a decent loco moco. It's funny how much these places vary in quality.


I'm so full from dinner but after reading and looking at this post I want some loco moco now. I thought balut and pho would be enough but guess not ;-)


Hi Howie - These places are only as good as the effort the staff wants to put in. In many situations, it's only about making money.....

Hi Billy - Balut & Pho...that should have been enough....but I'm thinking you needed a pork component...some lechon kawale, or something like that!


most places in Japan feel that if they put any kind of gravy (like teriyaki sauce) on something they can call it a loco is just wrong...


Hi Kat - Really! That is wrong, I'll be looking through your previous posts just to see!


Hey Kirk!

It's good to know that the Hillcrest location is one of the better ones. The location by the UCSD campus gives me nightmares. It's like taking a bowl of water, mixing in enough cornstarch until it's goopy, then putting it on rice and eating it. Ew. By the way, I've been faithfully reading your trip recaps on my Google Reader and they're fantastic!


Hi GF - I've had some terrible meals a various L&L's as well. I'm glad you're enjoying our trip posts.


I've had some terrible meals too, even at the ones on the islands.

Whoa, 4 months without a plate lunch? Check that man's ID! ;-)


Hi Carol - I think an instant deportation back home is called for!


The L & L in San Marcos serves pork adobo!


hey kirk, Mo's back. it's called homestyle hawaiian located at 7524 mesa college dr. it's now called homestyle hawaiian.


i'm still serving the korean chicken, loco's, and kalbi short ribs. guess what. my rent is a lot cheaper so plates are starting at $5.00 for katsu, teri chicken. The portions are smaller but equal to that of l and l big plate portion. check us out.

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