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Thursday, 15 May 2008



Interesting Kirk.

Out of curiosity, do you think Korean BBQ done over charcoal makes any difference in the tastiness? What is your preference?


which parts of this were AYCE? was it something else you order?


Hi Ted - All thing being equal - charcoal is always better.

Hi Clayfu - In order to do table top BBQ you need to order AYCE - you have 10 choices. You place your order, and the meat arrives. At certain points during the meal, they'll ask you, or you can request more. Thus we ordered Bulgogi and Kalbi - got the plate of meat. While we were finishing up our meat, the Server came by and asked us if we wanted more. We said only Bulgogi. A few minutes later another plate of Bulgogi arrived at our table for grilling. This could have gone on for as long as we wanted. AYCE BBQ! But they also said we could have as much soft serve, cinnamon tea, etc. They also asked us if we wanted more panchan as well. But the menu says "All You Can Eat BBQ for Table Grill."


after seeing this post, I may have to drag Satoshi to yakiniku or make a batch of bulgogi :)


The plate of mixed greens looked nice until you mentioned the bitterness and stringyness of it. Apparently bitter is becoming a popular fifth flavour in dishes nowadays but it is one I definitely shy away from!
Would you go back again? Also was it charged per person or per dish of AYCE ? Over here the AYCE is much like a buffet where there is no panchan and a long table of raw marinated meats and veggies, rice and soup. It is usually around $25 pp.


a picture of "kim chee" never fails to stimulate the palate.


I can have Korean BBQ at 7am??? Heck, if that's true, I'd be there from breakfast to dinner. Surely I could get my fill by dinner (heehee).


Hey Kirk! I've often thought about that too about the free pre-meal dishes-or at least tried to be less intense on the banchan/appetizers cause I tend to fill up on those instead of eating the "real" food. that being said, panjeon is one of my favorite parts of a K-BBQ meal. Next time you come up to SF you gotta go to the KFC (korean fried chicken place)


hmmm, I'm with Carol and think that korean bbq for breakfast sounds awesome! I loved the picture of the bulgogi, sliced pepper and garlic clove, that looks really good but yeah half a clove is pretty serious stuff...


Hi Kat - mmmmm Yakiniku, mmmm Bulgogi...mmmmm

Hi Rachel - You order a type of meat, and it's $17.85 - you can get as much of that as you want. So, it's probably a nice thing to do with 4 or so.

Hi RONW - Ain't that the truth!

Hi Carol - Don't forget the folding cot! ;o)

Hi Penny - mmmm KFC....the good KFC! Kyochon....say no more!

Hi FH - You know, I may just drop by one morning and see if they'll do BBQ for breakfast.


I'm glad you got a chance to go after all. Looks like a good place to strap on the feed bag and go crazy. Clever of them to feed you a yummy pancake so you don't overdo it on the meat. It's just as well since the panchan is often my favorite part.


Thanks for updating on this! I'd like to try it out soon.

In regards to AYCE, does each person have their own order? For example, if two people want bulgogi, then is it $17.85 for each person?


Wow, all you can eat korean bbq? You will never get that here on Guam. The one place that did have that closed down 2 years ago. Now we pay $18/$19 for a good plate of kalbi and if you're hungry it is not enough. You are very fortunate!


Hi Howie - You can just keep grazing.....

Hi Mari - To answer you're question, yes. You'll need a minimum 2 orders to use the grill. I'm not sure what the policy is if you have 2 people doing AYCE, and another orders something off the menu like Bibimbap. That would be kinda shady anyway.

Hi Susan - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! Good Korean BBQ is expensive here as well - it can top $21 for an order of Kalbi, and it is served dduk/mi bossan style, so if you're a major meat eater you may think the porions are small. I'm thinking these AYCE places may get pretty popular.


I tried out Jeong Won, since I really like LA's Manna and have been waiting to find something similar in San Diego. Our experience differed somewhat from yours. We only received 6 banchan. We were not offered the soft serve or the cinnamon drink until I asked about it. The bulgogi and kalbi were both pretty good. I think that at least the kalbi is superior to Manna's.


Hi Chris - That's strange - we're planning on going again so we'll see what happens. That's why I called it a first look. I'm not impressed with the Kalbi, but thought the Bulgogi was decent. Definitely #3 meat, not 8 up or 10 up...and the mainade on the sweeter side, but pretty good overall.

Jeff c

Kirk, love the writeup on this place. Looks pretty good.
The LA times did a write up on the new trend in Korean Fried chicken joints. Soy style or with the red chili paste. I believe there is a specialty restaurant called Kyochon that has an outpost in Rowland Hts on Colima Rd near the Korean end of the road. Maybe if you are making a run up there sometime, you can check it out or if you happen to have eaten this before to let us know your thoughts on it.


Hi Jeffrey - Yes, last time we were up in Rowland Heights, there was a sign announcing that an outlet of Kyochon was opening in Yes Plaza. Haven't tried it yet. I've eatne, and made different versions of Korean Fried Chicken, so I'm anxious to check it out. To bad gas prices are so off the hook right now.


Oh Kirk, you'll have to share your recipe(s) for Korean chicken. The Mister will never forgive me if he knew I didn't ask for it. :-)


Hi Carol - My favorite version is similar to the Chicken Alice recipe on the sidebar. I haven't tried making Kyochon yet though.

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