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Saturday, 17 May 2008



hi kirk! in malaysia, i was told the mountain apples are called jumba (or wax jumba), in the philippines they are called macopa. here in guam, they're just mountain apples.

i'll bet you can get a good approximation of that baguette using some sort of wonder bread-type recipe....


LOL love your description of pronounciations. you just gotta love a language that appears to have english phonetics but nothing is prounounced like it seems!

Was the meat similar to what you get in Cali? Did they serve it with picked carrot and onion? Did they douse it with chilli or fish sauce? I need to get the dirty on my favourite vietnamese dish! you probably need to do an around the world banh mi comaprison coz in Sydney that is the condiments we get with our banh mi. It even differs from city to city as my cousin tells me that in melbourne you can get hot meat in your banh mi whereas in Sydney it is always cold.

Wandering Chopsticks

Have you tried the Banh Mi Che Cali banh mi? I like them best b/c the bread is light and airy, with a crackly crust. Just retoast it before eating.

Don't worry about the language thing. Northern speech always confounds me. All those ZZZZ's. I like differentiating between my R's, G's, and D's. :)


WoW - I guess I'm having banh my ;-) today for lunch. As for me I'm a fan of any type of bread that comes fresh out of the oven - gooey, chewy , or airy.

ed (from Yuma)

Another fascinating post. I'm missing banh mi.

But hot; you folks in SD don't know hot. Here, it'll be 109 today and 111 tomorrow. So come visit Yuma and then you'll really love the weather in SD.


of course I shouldn't come looking here when I'm hungry, now I have a serious banh mi craving... I know what you mean about bread that shreds the roof of your mouth, I hate that! The steamed bun was so purty, so was the sitting in your stomach for a long time a good thing I wonder? I like things to stick to the ribs, but not usually sit in my stomach!


mmm mountain apple! haven't had that in years!


Hi Santos - I've been following your posts. I just keeping wanting more. It was interesting to see those mountain apples in Hanoi....I don't remember when I saw them last.

Hi Rachel - They love their Maggi in Hanoi, but it tastes totally different from the Maggi sauce here. I thought the meats had a bit more "spice" to them, and the pickles were a hit or miss item...only one of the places placed them in the sandwich. Here it really depends on what you're ordering. They will slather on a good bit of margarine or butter if you're not careful.

Hi WC - Thanks for the rec....I'll make sure to drop by when I'm in the area. It was kinda funny; we thought we'd been saying things wrong.....until we got back and asked a few people.

Oh Billy, you carb lover you!!!

But Ed - it's a dry heat!!! ;o)

Hi FH - The Bao was very heavy and the dough it kinda stayed with you for a while.

Hi Kat - I thought that was neat....I hadn't had mountain apples in over a decade!

jeff c

Kirk, the fruit at the end of the piece is really interesting. Other names are jambo, Lien wu. Their is a type grown in Kaohsiung called black pearls because they grow larger and are purple and supposedly sweeter. These are a favorite of almost everyone in Taiwan. Diary of a Foodie included an episode about a Brazilian chef who has converted his backyard to growing several hundred different fruits and one of these is the Jambo or mountain apples.



I haven't seen a mountain apple (or "Jambo") in years....until now.


Hi Jeffrey - That's pretty neat! We'll be on the look-out for it when we're in Taiwan.

Hi RONW - I kinda remember it being scarce before I left the Islands. We used to have it all the time when I was growing up.


You are in luck. You can find the same Banh Mi at Banh Mi Cho Cu in Westminster at the corner of Hazard and Magnolia. Try their Banh Mi Bi. Their baguette is very much like what you describe. Happy eating.


Hey Beach - Thanks....I can always count on you for the recs!


wow -- mountain apples! i haven't had one in such a long time!

**funny how you write a whole post about the tons of different foods and the one thing i comment on was the mountain apples!


Hi Farrah - It seems that quite a few people found the mountain apples interesting.....I guess they're getting harder to find back home.

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