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Tuesday, 06 May 2008



Hi WORC - Thanks so much for the kind words.....Can Cau market was without a doubt blooming with Flower H'mong.


Wow Kirk! you and the missus could start your own intrepid type tour company :) I'd love to go on a tour you organise and meet the people you meet. Thank you for sharing this with us .. very special.


Hi Rachel - LOL! You over-estimate us.....I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Oishii Eats

Kirkk...have you mastered the asian squat like the dude in the first photo? It's very comfortable.


Hey Miss Oishii Eats - I come from a long line of squatters....but have lost it due to lack of practice, among "other things". Now, when I start to squat, it sounds like New Years Firecrackers...and getting back up???? Well, let's just say, once I'm down, I stay down.... ;o)


"You don't look like an American..."

Told to me by a drunk Finnish woman in Oulu, Finland, New Year's Eve 2003.

Something telling about the international portrayal of American demographics, eh?

Loved this post, btw.


Hi Ed - That's funny...alcohol loosens tongues, doesn't it? We ran into that "you can't be American thing" several times during the was very telling.

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