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Tuesday, 06 May 2008



That was cool. Remind me of my trip into Mexico I ate everything and anything the local ate. Parting with the locals early in the morning/noonish - priceless. I myself do not like tourist spots their is no point to it IMO I rather be on the other side of the fence.


hello, you tell a wonderful story with the locals, and it was very nice and funny read.


"You cannot be American, you don't look like Americans." Best quote of the week!

Wandering Chopsticks

Don't worry about the length. When a post is that interesting, I wish it'd continue longer. This is my favorite of the bunch. I love the adorable baby in the picture. I wish I had time to go to Bac Ha when I was there. Too far away and not enough time. :(


Hi Billy - Nothing comapres to hanging with the locals!

Hi Sawyer - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Hi Carol - Funny thing is....I get told this here in the States as well! My pidgin must be pretty bad.

Hi WC - Can Cau Market, was to us, probably our best experience of our trip to Vietnam. The only thing is; for the best experience, you need to stay over night in Bac Ha. I hope you're able to visit some day soon.


Yo Kirk!.......I have been following your culinary adventures from afar as of late. And as usual you are still the king of culinary archeology!...hope to start typing my own advantures again soon.




Hi Kirk,
Another great post. Beautiful pictures. Looks like you and the missus had some great adventures.
with the local people. I have the feeling that I'd most likely starve though, since I don't eat pork. =]


what a great post!


That was a long post? I didn't even realize it I guess it was way to entertaining for me to realize it. Keep it up.


Hi Michael - Great to hear from you! I hope to see some new posts soon.

Hi Stephen - Thanks. Well, let's see, you don't eat pork, so I'm guessing that Horse Stew and This Cho(dog) is out of the question as well. ;o)

Hi Kat - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hi Billy - That's very nice of 34 photos, and more verbage than the usual. Can Cau market was one of the most enjoyable experiences for us in VN.


Loved this post, Kirk.

"They say that you cannot be American, you don't look like Americans. Americans rarely come here, and those that do are afraid of the food, and won't drink with them. They take their pictures and leave right away."

That really tickled me :D So THATS what people think of us huh?


The adventure just keeps getting more and more fabulous. More demonstrations of the power--and delight!--of food as cross-cultural ice-breaker. And I love how you and the Missus keep on going for the gusto--not only boozin' but smokin' with the locals! Tony Bourdain must be green with envy! :-D

ed (from Yuma)

Wow! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Roger - LOL! They just haven't met enough Americans, I think. And being Asian made them more comfortable, as they sure were curious about the States.

Hi Mizducky - you noticed, it's really about the people we meet.

Hi Ed - I'm glad you enjoyed.


Obviously they'd never been to Mira Mesa....or Milpitas for that matter. ;)

The Guilty Carnivore

What a wonderful post. The toast really made me feel good to be a human for once!

Captain Jack

Wow Kirk,

Just when I think your trip posts can't get any pull me back in and blow me away again. Damn fine work my friend.

Passionate Eater

Dearest Food Blog Friend,

Sorry I have been quiet on the commenting front, I miss you and hope to be actively commenting again! I showed my family your posts on Vietnam, and they LOVED them! Thank you Kirk, for everything.



Hi Jan - Apparently not! ;o)

Hi GC - We were a bit surprised at his was a very nice toast.

Hi CJ - i'm glad you're enjoying these posts, I know they're rather long.

Hi PE - First off, major congrats! I know you have much to do with the wedding plans, work, etc! It is nice to hear from you, and we miss you.

White On Rice Couple

This is my favorite series to date Kirk. The H'mong are such an interesting group & I really wanted to visit them when I was in Vietnam last. I love the different colored textiles that the H'mong wear. Your photographs gave me a great tour of what I missed out on. Thanks for another fabulous series!

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