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Monday, 05 May 2008


janfrederick tonail sandwiches!

Seriously banh mi? I'm all over that since mi-so-lazy!!!


Hey Jan - I've got a my clipper out, let me know when you want to drive through... ;o) Yes, drive-thru banh mi, just don't drop those sardines in your car! What will they think of next?


TOEnails! Eeew! I can just imagine that. Although, I think I'd be liking that Xiu Mai sandwich, but I guess I always seem to like it. I even sluice it with extra Kewpie mayo when I get home!

The front of that store looks gaudy as hell though.


My cousin went there and he had the same experience. He told me to wait a few more weeks cause they are not ready yet. I'm excited about the coffee more than Banh Mi.


Hi Elmo - I mean we've all bitten into a burger, and got that hard piece....of "bone" that was like biting into a toenail or somthin', right? ;o) Did you ever check out Baguette Express when they were on Valley?

Hi YY - Yes, not quite ready for prime time yet. Hopefully, they'll get it together.


Thanks a new perspective on headcheese or is it nail cheese now. Never the less bring it on I still love it.


now that I have a cool julienne gadget, I'll have to try making bahn mi again :)

Captain Jack

Been eating your toenail clippings again huh? I guess the hypnotherapy did not work as well as we all hoped ;)


Hi Billy - I love head cheese - except when it is hard as.....toenails!

Hi Kat - I look forward to checking it out!

Hi CJ - Didn't you hear? We all need more calcium in our diet! Think of it as recycling....


Hey Kirk,

I haven't been to this sandwich shop but my parents been buying baguettes there. The regular baguette doesn't taste very good the next day. I haven't tried any thing else though=(.


Aha! I saw the new signage on that building and had it on my mental list of places to check out, so thanks for doing the advance scouting. I guess the advent of non-traditional banh mi fillings was only to be expected, given how many enterprising souls have taken and stuffed all kinds of non-standard food items inside a tortilla, a pita bread, a nori roll, a you-name-it.


kirk did u know u have 1.2 million views now?


Hi Tammy - Many people in line were buying the baguette's since they are baked doesn't sound like it has staying power though.

Hi Mizducky - So long that it tastes good, more power to them. And everything tastes better in Banh Mi, right?

Hi KK - Thanks for pointing that out. And thanks for visiting as well! ;o)


what? drive through banh mi? sardines and cajun shrimp filling sound way better than toenails do! hope they expand their operations up north...


Hi FH - If they can pull off the drive thru Banh Mi thing, it'll sure be a coup!


yummy bread that doesnt cut the roof of your mouth!!! and a drive-thru? im in love


Hi 22c - You know what...I need to follow-up and see if the drive thru is open. Thanks for the reminder!


I was there two weeks ago and you must try the coconut jello (inside a young coconut). It's so refreshing and you get to eat the coconut afterward. As for the banh mi, the bread is chewy yet crunchy. I like it very much. It's my new favorite place for banh mi in San Diego.


Hi Loan - Thanks for the recommendation. By any chance did you notice if the drive-thru open yet?


yo! the drive thru is open! but only from 9pm-6am. theyre open 24 hours.

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