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Thursday, 08 May 2008


ed (from Yuma)

If it can be lit on fire, it probably isn't "wine." Sounds like moonshine to me.


Hi Ed - Around there, it's either called wine or beer...... Like I mentioned in the previous post - it is home brewed hootch sold from Jerry Cans.


Holy smokes! Do you still have a hangover? ;)


Hi Kirk & Dear Missus!

Just to let you know that I really got THAT addicted to your blog, visiting it daily!

Perhaps you already wondered about your log-files with quite a lot of visits from outer space
(= from Cologne/Germany)?

Yesterday I visited a Vietnamese Restaurant here in Cologne. I was too shy to order the 'real thing'. (since I NEED chili ... ooooh ... my fault!)

Next time I'll show them (the really kind people there) some of your photos to encourage them to perhaps prepare more-authentic food (but will keep my dog unavailable)

Besitos from Cologne


WoW - that was crazy! Speechless, crazy party animals!


One more thing rock sugar,lemon grass, and ginger boil together makes a soothing drink if you have a cold - optional - add honey when served.


lol, you guys sound like you had a lot of fun, the locals are very colorful too! Did you guys communicate in english? another great post, those pork patties sound delicious!


glad you were okay after that incident...


Where did that pepto come from? And that ginger sugar cane looks really good...


Hi Jan - Lucky for me, Ed from Yuma has trained me well! ;o)

Hi Michaela - Thanks so much for the kind words. You may want to find out what area of Vietnam the folks who own the restaurant are from. The specialties differ based on region. Stuff like Bun Cha, Cha Ca, Bun Rieu from the North. Bun Bo Hue from Central Vietnam, and so on. Good luck on your food explorations.

Hi Billy - For some reason ginger laways helps to settle my stomach.

Hi FH - All the driver and guides speak at least a bit of English, or want to practice their English. Thinh also provided translation when necessary.

Hi Kat - We are pretty good at judging when something has the potential to give us trouble.

Hi Taka - We travel with our own little first aid kit....when traveling to places like this you should at least be minimally prepared - acetominophen, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine, cortisone cream, immodium, pepto. etc......

Captain Jack

Ciprofloxacin is always a good call as well. Cipro saved my ass after a snake bile/domestic cat incident in Guangzhou.


Hi CJ - We carry Cipro as well, but I don't like making prescription drug recommendations. Also, we made sure to get our Hep A vaccine(don't forget about the malaria meds for Cambodia)...which based on recent occurrances here in San Diego, may not have been a bad idea even if we hadn't been travelling

Captain Jack

Oh, and let us not forget the ever helpful lomotil.

Captain Jack

Got it, sorry about commenting on the scripts.


Hi CJ - Lomotil should be a drug of last resort.....sometimes nature(no pun intended) just needs to run it's course. Immodium is bad enough....... There's no cure for 3 wives though!

Captain Jack

lol, true dat ;)

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