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Thursday, 29 May 2008


Jeff C

Kirk, I gotta go to San Diego again and eat at Ba Ren. mmmmm...
Okay, revery broken. Just wanted to let you know the latest issue of Saveour has a nice little blurb on the different Sesame Oils used in cooking. I believe its the issue with the American crab on the cover. It also does a really nice writeup on vietnamese crab filled spring rolls.




It's been a long time since I've been to Ba Ren. I think it's time for a visit.


dang, everything looks delicious! It's tuff being illiterate sometimes, cuz you miss out on a lot of interesting dishes...


i love that place, and i miss it ...i try to go there whenever i'm down in sd....and the seasonal dishes look great...theres so many things on the menu that i had yet to try...

Derek Ray


Yum, that all looks really good. I took your advice and tried the Mapo Tofu there the other day to day, really yummy stuff and they give you a ton of well cooked rice. Really nice mapo flavors and good fresh tofu.

I'm heading out to Mo's tomorrow for dinner, my favorite place for plate lunch thanks to you "good sir" I'll eat some Korean Chicken for you.



Based on your posts alone - I already feel like I'm a regular at Ba Ren, hehehe ^_^


Hi Jeffrey - I'll need to check it out. In that issue they also make Bun Rieu.

Hi Carol - Yes, maybe it's time.

Hi FH - I understand what you mean.....I've been missing out on stuff for years.

Hi Sawyer - The menu is quite huge, and we enjoy trying the seasonal items.

Hi Derek - I'm glad you enjoy the Ma Po Dofu. I hope you enjoy Mo's as well.

Hi Kathy - Well, if you're ever down in these parts!

Captain Jack

I love it, time to copy down the placard, and freak out the server, as the big white dude seemingly reads Chinese again. Thanks Kirk!


Hi CJ - Yep, another chance.....


Uncle Kirk, I can't wait to go here =PP


Hi YY - I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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