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Monday, 19 May 2008



I love the evening shopping events; some of my best shoes have come from them. Problem is, the more I drink, the more I buy.

Just wanted to point out that the wonderful food you described was prepared by TKA catering, in my opinion one of the best caterers in SD.


This time around looks a bit more exciting than last time you went, must have been the melon induced vodka drink ;-)


i always forget to go to the shopping events.


What!? No Caviar!? No foie gras!? PSST. I'm "outtie."


My problem too, Indra....I get alcohol first but then go for the water and then the coffee. TKA has been catering for a couple of years now, and I do like the quality as well as variety of goodies they serve.
So, you *read* the post, did you, Bill? I was wondering if anyone would...
I think my friend had to RSVP about April 10 for the May 8 event,'s just like any other appointment, but with food involved.
Hahaha! Thanks for a good laugh, Chris


I think my Mister hides these invitations from me. I haven't seen one in years. He doesn't believe I need any more shoes, black ones especially. When he asks, "How many pairs of black shoes do you need?" I always answer, "As many as it takes." :-P


I always forget to RSVP. I get the email from one of the salesmen but i just never reply. Guys clothes are all the same anyways =)


Oh, I just got *the cutest* pair of black shoes, Carol...round toes and only a 1 1/2 inch heel...Then I got the same ones in brown...and off white. Just ask a Nordstrom salesperson to put you on the list for the next event...they will.
No, Charlie-guys clothes are *not* all the same! Plus during these events there are sometimes giveaways from certain brands...and I have seen men drinking bottles of beer while sitting and waiting for their wives who are shopping in the store. Also, the women's lingerie, fragrances and jewelery counters are available, you know...;)

Jeff C

Cathy, (see I remembered to spell it without the "k") I really like the Nordstrom's cafes. I know that the event was catered but if you go to San Francisco's Nordstrom, it might be worth the while to pop in and have a light lunch there. Since San Fran has so many gastronomes, I think the quality of even this little cafe is quite good. All in all, I find Nordstrom's a class act.


You did see my post on the Horton Plaza Nordstrom Cafe from September of last year, right, Jeff? (click the underlined thingy just above the photo of the Nordstrom shopping bag in this post). I have been to quite a few Nordie's Cafes, and all see so high fact, I had some friends visiting from Kansas last week and we went there for lunch just because they wanted 'good food for lunch'. Like I had to be told...

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