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Wednesday, 09 April 2008



absolutely wonderful & gorgeous pictures kirk. so excited to hear more!


I am just glad that every thing went well and I did not cause you and your Missus any unnecessary headache? I am sure that we will read more of your adventure in the future. Looking forward to more reading.


Kirk, welcome back! I went on a Hanoi/Sapa/Halong Bay trip 2 years ago, and your pictures bring back wonderful memories. I miss the food, the sights and even the crowded streets. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

ed (from Yuma)

Nice to have you back. Also nice to see all the great pics! Hi to the missus also. Waiting to hear about the food.


Welcome back! Where is the nuoc mam?


Welcome back, Kirk! The pictures of those limestone formations and the temple ruins are gorgeous. And the food looks delicious too.


Welcome home, Kirk. Vietnam and Cambodia have been on our "must do" list for a while now, and your upcoming posts may just push us over the edge!



welcome back!


That's a cool picture of the snakes. Did I misread? Or did you guys get to eat them? I want to compare notes with you on how they taste!


Wow, looks like a fantastic trip! Looking forward to the posts to come.


Welcome back!!! Have a good rest and can't wait for more of your trip. The first picture brings back lots of memories.


Hi Alex - Thanks....hopefully you'll find my posts somewhat interesting....

Hi Beach - You gotta be kidding! We wouldn't have been able to do this without you. Thanks again for everything....and we mean it!

Hi Sharon - I'm glad we're able to stir a few nice memories. This was yet another trip of a lifetime.

Hi Ed - As soon as I shake the cobwebs we'll start with the posts....

Hi Billy - LOL! I can't show all my cards in one post, can I? ;o)

Hi Howie - This was a great trip.

Hi Omar - That edge may be approaching quickly.....

Hi Santos - is good to be home.

Hi Roger - Yes, we had snake....Le Mat is known as the Snake Village, it is their specialty.

Hi Mike - Thanks! i've enjoyed your posts on Mexico City and Oaxaca as well!

Hi YY - Thanks....I just need to catch up on things, and we'll get the ball rolling.


Wow! Looks like such an amazing trip! Wonderful photos!


Welcome back, Kirk! Wow, looks like you had a wonderful trip.


Welcome back, Kirk! Love the pictures.

Christine D.

I can't wait to travel to these places someday! Welcome back and great pictures!


excellent pics.

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,
I know you just got back and said you need to recuperate, but I'd say that's a pretty nice round-up!


Beautiful photos. What kind of camera do you use?


Welcome back, Kirk! I absolutely love all the travelogue-y pictures, they really give a feel for the place. Looking forward to reading and seeing more, but in the meantime, rest well!

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