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Tuesday, 29 April 2008



"This is how the flesh of angels would taste."

haha. best sentence i have read all week!


I got to give you props for having soup despite the scorching weather! Great description of each sopa I can almost taste it! I wonder why they don't call it tendon and trip soup, hooves just doesn't sound great. But who in there right of mind would past up tendon and tripe if cooked correctly...It's so so so delectable.


You had to explain the "mmm-yoso dance"? I think not, some things are universal! ;o) Or more correctly, some things are beyond explanation??


Ed: I love your posts. I am planning a trip out your way, but think I should wait until after the summer heat. These soups have "November" written all over them, and I can't wait to try me some vampire tacos!

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Soup is a year round thing here. Many of the Mexican places have soup specials. You have to replace the sodium you sweat out.

The name of the hoof soup is "pata de vaca" in Spanish, I think, which sounds a lot better.

Unfortunately, we stopped by Cabanas on Sunday, and it was closed. I'm hoping its a temporary or seasonal closure, but it makes me very nervous.

ed (from Yuma)

Oh, and the Chamber of Commerce would like me to add that it's generally in the 90s now, most of the snowbirds are gone, and so a good time to visit.


90s!!!!Ha does that place have A/C?


Now I'm worried that cow hoof has converted you to Angel Cannibalism! You'll start sinning away so as to lure that delicious Heavenly Host near your fork...


wow, I am speechless to think that cow foot is the flesh of angels! Ed the concept is intimidating, but you make it sounds so worth it.


Best food post EVER!

You gotta throw up a video of you doing the mmm-yoso dance. If you are worried about your identity, wear a cow mask. ;)

Aww man....I'm HUNGRY now.

ed (from yuma)

trent - well, I have been meaning to try angel cannibalism (though I'm not sure if it truly counts as cannibalism). I didn't realize that sinning was a good way to attract them. Wow! You opened up a whole world of possibilities.

foodhoe - I know it sounds strange, and I have no idea if every cow hoof soup is that good, but I will order it again if I have the chance.

jan - you flatter me. This may be the best writing that I have done in a food post, but that may be because it's some of the best food I've ever had a chance to write about. However, in my mind, Kirk is the master of the food blog post. I have laughed more and learned more from his posts then from darn near anything else on the Internet. The problem with doing a video of the mmm-yoso dance is that it has to be spontaneously induced by some culinary epiphany. That doesn't happen too often. Truth is, I didn't even know I did it until Kirk started laughing at me over some Korean food one evening.

Ana Naves

Good afternoon, the hoof soup is actually called sopa de pata. Pata meaning foot. Next time you go to the salvadoran restarurant try some pupusas with pickled cabbage on top.

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