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Sunday, 20 April 2008






Interesting post. I had heard from a friend that pho in Viet Nam is different from the pho we get here in the states. It might have to do with the quality of the ingredients (i.e. beef, water, etc.), but then a lot of times, the flavors are developed for "the locals".

Halong Bay looks so picturesque. I am waiting for they day when I get to visit.


WOW your blog is better than watching a travel show! It has a food and a sights section ! Thanks for capturing the sights and tastes of vietnam for us in such a candid way.
The inside was surprisingly comfortable looking and I wish we could have had a look at some of the food :) But you got the most important part anyway, the scenery.

ed (from Yuma)

Wow. Great pics again. Love it!


Nice. I've always been curious how they get the pho out to you so fast. I've been tempted to sneap a peek behind the curtains from time to time.


I prefer the pho in the US, but Pho Bat Dan at 49 Bat Dan St., Ha Noi is pretty good. There a line in front of the place all day and you must be assertive to get to the front of the line. It may not be worth it. I love your blog and your travel to Vietnam makes it even more wonderful.


Fascinating! I'd love to know more about the floating villages ... I find myself wondering if they're populated by families that have lived there for generations, what their culture is like, stuff like that. I did read up a little on Halong Bay--looks like it's collected lots of history and legends.


It was so funny reading your comments on Pho. Is the Bun Rieu coming soon? =) Red bean porridge and w/ salty pickle is a classic.


Hi Kat - Thanks.....

Hi Reid - The Pho that we're used to having in the States is "Southern" Pho - like they have in HMC. Northern Pho is quite different.

Hi Rachel - The food was really nothing that interesting....but the sights were often very beautiful!

Hi Ed - I'm glad you're enjoying need to get on over there some day.

Hi Loan - I wish I'd had your rec' earlier! I'm glad you enjoy our little blog, and thanks so much for commenting!

Hi Mizducky - We visited 2 floating villages while on the trip; Halong Bay was definitely more well to do than the other one we was a humbling experience.

Hi YY - Yes, Bun Rieu coming soon....I'm kinda doing things in chronological order, so thanks for hanging in there.


that photo of Ha Long Bay is a classic in itself. Umm, what's that about a "podcast," on bottom of your sidebar?


Hi RONW - It's for Odiogo, an automated podcast thingy....I just wanted to hear what our posts sound like translated....bad thing is, they pronounce Pho as "Foe".....bummer.


Hi Kirk, thanks for the link! We also went on the Santa Maria cruiser. We had the greatest tour guides with us...wonder if we had the same? We laughed as after awhile, we'd call our boat meals "seafood surprise." I'm quite jealous of the glutinous rice dumplings as I must have missed those. Great pictures!


That was awesome so I figured by the time your trip was over your jet was over too ;-)


woohoo halong bay on kayaks sounds like fun! I am really enjoying all of the beautiful photos of the landscape and cool people you met (and not to mention the delicious food)...


Hi Sharon - Our guide was named Lan; she was wonderful! Seafood surprise......I love it!

Hi Billy - We finally felt adjusted on our last day in Phnom Penh....just in time to return home.

Hi FH - I think you hit the nail on the beautiful and amazing everything was; it's the people that we talk about the most.

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