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Sunday, 27 April 2008



enjoying your trip! thanks for sharing.


I cannot imagine crossing the streets of Vietnam without all my wits about me, and 2 ears and eyes darting around to make sure I don't get hit by a scooter! Glad the dog & the man made it! hoan Kiem Lake is a gem. I need to learn some of those moves.


Hi Kat - Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying the posts.

Hi Sharon - I'd have appreciated eyes on the side and back of my head when crossing the street! But there seemed to be a sense of ordered chaos on the streets of Hanoi.


Great Pics Kirk!
A beautiful country.
Thanks for sharing


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Vietnam post is over? Sniff Sniff... Thank you so much!


Hi Stephen - No, thank you for visiting and commenting!

Hi Billy - No, Vietnam posts are not over....there's still 2 more Hanoi - gotta get the Bun Cha, and Sapa, Bac Ha, and Can Cau. I'm thinking this might be getting tiring, so maybe a short break, then?


Keep it up Kirk. My brother in-law is getting married in August I am contemplating on attending his wedding in Vietnam. ;-)


Oh gooodness Bun Rieu!!! Oh man, kirk - I'm so envious of your trip! ^_^


Hi Kirk,
Welcome back. Looks like you and the misus had a great time traveling. Love your documentary style photos and stories. Got to take notes on doing that.
Beautiful country, good food. Anthony Boudain had an episode on Vietnam too a few years back. I too love street food.



The Force is STRONG with that blind man!

I'm looking forward to the remaining Vietnam posts! A break be damned! :P


Hi Billy - I hope you do.....

Hi Kathy - As I'm always envious of all the trips you take!

Hi Nicole - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy the photos.....we never think about things, we just start shooting.

Hi Roger - May the force be with you! LOL! Never even thought about that one.....


Wow I love learning aobut new and different vietnamese dishes. Once again Aust. is way way behind the US in variety and authenticity of cuisine. Bun rieu is something I'd definitely like to try.

didn't that bride look awfully skinny?


Hi Rachel - You know, other than being on the tall side, she was about the right build.....Vietnamese(not the Hmong and Dzao though) are very slight in build. Many of the Guys we met weigh under 50 KG!

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