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Saturday, 12 April 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Great to start reading about your journey.

Traveling vicariously is easier, cheaper, and less tiring.

Unfortunately, eating vicariously is less tasty. But I still am looking forward to reading all the posts!


Hi Ed - LOL! Licking your PC does not taste nearly as good! But at least you won't have any jet lag.....


yahh go taiwan! I don't remember the Taiwanese airport having such delicacy's last time i went. I had a crappy bowl of noodles =(



Sounds like an interesting start to a wonderful journey. Can't wait to hear more about Viet Nam and Cambodia.


That's too bad about the airport food. It actually looks pretty good in the photos though :-)


Kirk, are we there yet? As in the natives are, hungry.


Welcome back Kirk and Missus!!! Its great to have a chronological review of your trip. That way we know we won't miss a thing! Wow Taipei Airport has certainly changed since we used it as a stopover on the way to LA in 2005. It had NOTHING! where the area was that you had the food court, there was only one noodle shop selling niu rou mein and about 6 other different types of noodles which was only so so. And nothing else, no hello kitty area, nothing!
But anyway, can't wait to hear morea bout your trip! Glad you made it safely there and back :)


Dang good looking jiaozi! Your flight on Eva reminded me of my trips to Japan on JAL in business class. Loved it (and the "stuff"...must be a Chinese thing).

Can't wait to read about the rest of the trip and food!


wow! I give you credit, I would never be able to travel with just a backpack! all the food looks ono!


Hi Clayfu - On our return trip, we had another 4 hour layover, and walked the entire airport...there are quite a number of eateries(and hello kitty stuff).

Hi Reid - It was quite interesting, and fun.

Hi Howie - We never get too excited about airport food, but this seemed to have some potential.

Hi RONW - I'm typing as fast as I can! ;o)

Hi Rachel - Thanks! Sounds like the airport has grown pretty quickly.

Hi Carol - At times it was all about the "stuff" with the Missus!

Hi Kat - We decided to pack light since we'd be moving around a lot....


woweee, you guys are so disciplined with the gear! I flew EVA and found that the extra $$ well worth it for a long flight. We walked past that same noodle shop at Taipei, but ended up with the dumplings by our departure gate. Brings back memories...


Hi FH - I don't know if it's discipline, or that we are just too darn lazy to drag stuff around...or maybe just insecure and believe that keeping track of less stuff is easier.

Jeff C

Taipei International airport- brings back fond memories. I really never tried to eat at the food court there. Even though they had dim sum, I stayed with noodles. Seemed safer. The pork buns aren't that bad. I think your missus must have a very refined taste (she picked you) and the vegetarian ones are actually quite good. We usually stuck to buying snacks and noshing on them while we waited for the flights. This was usually after a gut busting meal in Taipei which my in laws usually hosted.


Hi Jeff - We were surprised...and I know we shouldn't have been...but the food to gate ratio was quite high! As for refined taste.....steamed buns and husbands....well, we'll just leave that one alone! ;o)

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