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Wednesday, 30 April 2008



Bun cha sounds so good right now for lunch...


Don't be deceived its the lard that makes any fried food gooooood ;-)


Hey Kirk, maybe you should come over and we can play American Idol Karaoke Revplution!


Hey Kirk! Maybe you should come over and play Karaoke Revolution with me! ;-)

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey, what's wrong with seeing a picture of me? ;) Haha. I well remember squatting over a hole on the train.

I stuffed myself silly on those nem cua be. Oh man, makes me salivate just thinking about it.


Hi Kirk,
Great pictures. What kind of camera are you using? I am claustrophobic, so I don't think I would have enjoyed that microscopic cabin. Great view from your window in Sapa, totally worth the extra $5. I noticed the sign at the train station separates Ha Noi into 2 words, not 1 like we are used to seeing. =]


that was some open kitchen!

Jeff C

your travelogues are so much more entertaining than even some of the ones we see on television. What type of camera did you use to get all your gorgeous shots. I noticed quite a few were done in low light conditions and lots of action. Flash use seemed to have quite a range.
Just a photogeek question.



Hi Billy - Believe me, I never said "low-fat" just felt "light".

Hi Carol - You really don't want to have the cops called on you, do you???? My singing can be described as "a crime".

Hi WC - LOL! I never even thought of that! I've added a short note to make a distinction. ;o)

Hi Stephen - Many places spell it Ha Noi - even Ha Noi Restaurant in Westminster. From what I've been told Ha means River, and Noi means something like between or within - So Ha Noi = Between Rivers. Or something like that. And many places have is spelled "Viet Nam" as well.

Hi Kat - Yes, you can get up close and personal with your and everyone else's food!

Hi Jeffrey - We both use Fuji Compacts - I use an FX30 which is known for its low-light capabilities(and great battery life), it is also small enough for my pocket. I almost never use the flash, as I find it intrusive. Only one photo was taken with a flash. It is a pretty inexpensive camera - I got mines for $225. The Missus has an orange(of course) Z10FD - cost something like $149. We're not really camera buffs.....I really don't know the first thing about photography....I keep telling myself I need to take some classes or something one day.....


if you'll be back in hanoi, go to Ashima mushroom hotpot. it's the most amazing mushroom-related experience i've ever had in my life (other than in barcelona where they also take their mushrooms seriously)

ask around for where it is. i can't really remember but people will know, because it's where normal people take corrupt politicians to "feast" before asking for a favor of some sort. and it really wasn't expensive by US standards ($20 a piece fills you up warm and good).


LOL $5 extra definitely won't break the bank and the view is amazing!

That description of the Ben Cha and thenew chua be was mouth watering! I should stop reading your blog late at night! A Qn ... did many people there speak english? Was it hard to pronounce the foods you wanted to order? I even had trouble knowhing that pho was "phr" until recently! Or banh mi was "banh my". Vietnamese is a hard language to pronounce!


Those crab spring rolls look so good! I shouldn't look at your blog when I'm hungry :-)


Hi P - Thanks for the info; I faintly recall Noodlepie mentioning something about this.

Hi Rachel - In Sapa almost everyone understands some English. In Hanoi, many people do, or want to learn English. You can always point.

Hi Howie - Those were outstanding!

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