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Friday, 18 April 2008



You did not get charge for tourist price for "Banh Cuon". 20,000 VND is the going price for 3 of those rolls in Saigon as well. 2 rolls are slightly cheaper at at 15,000 VND.That looks really good. I missed walking to Dong Xuan market early in the morning to have " Bun Rieu Oc" at 8000 VND a bowl. Inflation might have raised the price a little more since summer of 2006.


Oh, how I miss bia hoi. I am a fan of Bud Light, so water-beer is just fine with me :)

Looks like you had quite the adventure- I certainly didn't find the asphalt slaughterhouse!


Hi Beach - That's good to know....these were good, lot's of filling. Walking around without all the traffic allowed us to notice things we usually wouldn't.

Hi Sharon - We just stumbled upon that street....we had inkling it even existed. For once, jet lag paid off! BTW, we used to drink "Bud-light, bucket ice" all the time back home in Hawaii.


Pardon the photos? Come on! I have baskets of chilis on my desktop now thanks to you. ;)

ed (from Yuma)

Totally amazing. Wow thanks for sharing. Loved the pics too!


Hi Jan - he-he-he, better a baskets of chilies, than a gutted pig laying over a motorbike! It was pretty hard to photograph with our dinky little cameras....

Hi Ed - We felt so we had hit the lottery....I must admit, that does sound a bit odd. But that's how we felt!


That was very cool. My wife has been back to Vietnam but I have yet to or felt the need to sit on a plane for more than 18hours+. But the beer on the other hand I might be able to manage. ;-)


Forgot to ask what is floating in the fish sauce? Is it fried tofu or fried cha lua?


Hi Kirk - Welcome back! Ladies with Cleavers is the name of my new band. Your photos are great - can't wait to maybe hear some stories in person after you've recuperated.


what a great find in the wee hours!


Hi Billy - That was Cha Que - cinnamon sausage, good stuff! Flying Elite class was not bad.....

Hi Candice - LOL! Sounds like you all are abunai!!!!

Hi Kat - We felt really lucky.....


Those photos are pretty good even without flash! Wow another new vietnamese dish to try :) That banh cuon sure looks yum. Its amazing what you can catch at all hours of the day in SEA ! glad that your jet lag helped you on this adventure. I hope you caught up on sleep later though.

[eatingclub] vancouver

Great post!

It's so exciting to see a wet market! So different from the sanitized, plastic-packaged meats we get from the supermarkets.

Thank you for sharing the experience.


Hi Rachel - Yes, the jet lag was a blessing in disguise, at least this time!

Hi ECV - It was a different experience if you're used to getting your meat in styrofoam trays covered with shrink wrap....

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