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Monday, 07 April 2008



Hmmmmm, looks interesting.

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Ed,
Thanks for the last paragraph. That was really interesting. I've never tried Eritrean cuisine, but always wondered how it differed from Ethiopian. So no wat on the Eritrean menu? I don't like my injera too sour actually.


Wow, great write up! Have never heard of Eritrean cuisine but I must say it doesn't photograph well at all.. looks like well something you might find a in child diaper! Sorry..


Hi Ed! despite your complaint of lack of pictures, I think it did give us readers and those unfamiliar with horn of africa cuisine a real feel for what it is about. Sounds great and I hope I get to try it sometime! That restaurant does sound like good value for money.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the comments. Sometimes food tastes better than it looks. At the same time, I have read some of Kirk's posts with pics of beautiful multicolored stir-fries that make me drool on my keyboard only to read that the food tastes bad.

To me the food looks a lot like Indian stews and some Mexican guisados. It also has the depth and complexity of spicing that can mark the best of those cuisines.

If you have never tried Ethiopian, this really would be a good place to go. I forgot to mention that the service with friendly and competent without being at all intrusive.


Oh this looks like fun! Gotta give it a try soon.


I would have to agree with the comments about the look of the food.

It looks, smells, tastes very good in the restaurant, but it's challenging to capture that with a snapshot, especially when food is gray, dark brown, or "baby diaper material"-colored.

ed, does your digicam have macro mode?


ooh, I love the spongey injera bread and all the spicy dishes. Haven't had it in a long time, thanks for the reminder. p.s. I agree that it can be dang hard to get good pix in challenging conditions!


Nice donburi reference!

By the way, did you know that in Somalia, it is called "injerfa" instead of "injera". The Parker brothers discovered this on a trip to Africa back in the early 50's and were inspired to create an entire line of toys based on it. But of course, when they introduced it to American kids, their marketing folks had to westernize and shorten the name to "Nerf". ;)

ed (from Yuma)

Wow, more comments.

The camera can take good close-ups (under correct conditions); see my post about David's. Pictures problems were primarily that I shot things just once. When I am by myself (or perhaps just one understanding friend) I will try to take multiple shots, hoping one turns out.

The only Somali food I've ever eaten had nothing like injera with it.


Well, I wanted to use a country in the area. ;)

Injera is good stuff, albeit strange. The color, the texture, the use. But that's what makes it so cool.

ed (from Yuma)

jan - my super bad.

My sense of humor takes about a liter of green tea to wake up. Obviously that hadn't happened at 7:48 on Wednesday. I thought you were serious. Yeh, like I said. Still asleep.

Plus I have eaten Somali food (once). Now if you'd said Djibouti, I would have had no clue. I doubt if there will ever be a restaurant in SD called something like "Old Djibouti."

Accept my apologies, please.


And I thought all you desert folks were dirurnal. ;)

Anyway, now you have me laughing on top of hankering for lamb stew!


Lol, well i am eritrean
and i eat this food EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!
It looks soooooooo nasty, But its soooooo great!!!!!!

try it!

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